4x4 Dual Battery Charging Systems

4 x 4ing generally means having fun! A dual battery system for 4x4 insures you're equipped to enjoy your off-road adventure without worrying about having the necessary power available to run all those accessories. Whether it be in a Jeep or truck or 4 wheeler or UTV, being prepared for when the unexpected may require the use of accessories such as winches and extra lighting features or simply listening to your favorite tunes a proper installed Dual battery management system for 4x4s is often a necessity.

Easy to Install
Avoid the situation of being stranded by being prepared. A properly designed 4x4 dual battery system will allow you the extra power, via a second battery, you need to run that winch and those high intensity lights without the risk of depleting your start battery and having a long walk out. By making use of one of our options provided by TrueAm with the True Smart Battery Isolator and whatever cable configuration you may need to complete the install you can in a short period of time install the correct system to deal with your anticipated and, not so anticipated, challenges.

    True Smart Technology

    A simpler, more easily installed system doesn't exist. If your batteries are already in place we are talking about 15 to 20 minutes for the completion of entire task.

    What makes the True smart battery isolator special is that it is in deed "Smart". It knows exactly when to connect and disconnect to provide for the charging of the secondary battery whenever there is additional power available above and beyond that required by the primary electrical system and its operation.


    Auto Detection
    The ability for the True Isolator to function in a dual battery management system for vehicles is nothing short of the unit reading the mind of the available charging source and making use of the available power to charge your second battery for all those accessories but to disconnect and isolate the batteries from one another when to much energy is being used. This insures that your starting battery will always have the energy to do its primary job of cranking the engine.

    Dual Battery Kit

Our Expert is You
The people at TrueAm have spent the last 5 years listening to the very users of these units to truly discover what is needed in real world application instead of trusting some engineer to design something that fits a theoretical situation. The back roads, forests, mountains, desserts, sand dunes, jungles, rain forests, and most anywhere else you may need a 4 x 4 has been the development and testing laboratory.

With the information accumulated TrueAm tweaked, adjusted, redesigned, and most of all listened to come up with products that are "right" for the application of 4x4 dual battery setup.

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