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Can-am Maverick UTV

Can Am Maverick Dual Battery Isolator

June 25, 2017 2:31 am

Can-am Maverick UTVDo you owned Can-Am Maverick 3×3 or Turbo model? Do you love  outdoor and adventure? You found the best partner for your Can Am UTV. We have DIY technology with more than 5 years in the service.

Our advantages are:

  • Easy to install
  • Anti Vibration
  • Very good Amazon reviews





Can-Am Maverick Turbo




Agile Roadtrek battery isolator

Agile Roadtrek Battery Isolator

June 25, 2017 2:20 am

If you are looking for best battery isolator for roadtrek agile then you found the right technology.

Agile Roadtrek battery isolator

Agile Roadtrek battery isolator

Our TrueAm dual battery isolator for roadtrek vehicle. This technology is Do it yourself technology complete with instruction on installation and diagram.

This is easy to maintain, easy to install and we have available in California, Florida, Texas< Massachusetts, Allabama, Georgia, Mennesota, North Carolina and all USA via reliable courier. 


Marine Battery Isolator System

June 18, 2017 11:50 pm
Marine Battery Isolator System

Marine Battery Isolator System

This is an excellent marine battery isolator kit that allows you to add a second or third battery system in your boat. With its basic functionality that utilizes the most modern battery technology, this kit keeps all batteries charged from the engine’s electrical parts while keeping the starting battery isolated. These features keep you out of trouble in the sea.


Using the same relay setup in our boat, this marine dual battery isolator kit keeps boat batteries and accessories charged, all the while isolating the boat’s starter battery system to keep it charged as well. One major advantage of this system is that you don’t need to reroute the fully automatic alternator wires. With this kit, you are in total control as it features a do-it-yourself approach.


This marine battery isolator system has boat battery isolator switches, which is responsible for safe separation and charging of the starter system as well as the auxiliary batteries found in all solar and volt marine applications. When firing the engine, the starting battery is separated and the only one allowed to charge instead of the auxiliary batteries. Both batteries will be charged once the voltage reaches 13.3 volts, engaging the voltage sensitive relay (VSR).


Once the engine stops and the battery charge falls below 12.8 bolts, the system’s VSR feature allows the separation of the starting and marine auxiliary system, turning off the indicator light and powering the boat auxiliary battery kit without the risk of draining all the power from the starting battery.


The VSR also features a Dual Sensing that monitors the charge of the two batteries. It is responsible for charging both batteries if only either one of them is receiving a charge.


This outstanding marine dual battery installation kit requires easy installation. It comes with all necessary components and instructions for proper installation. With this kit, cutting into a factory wiring and voiding manufacturer warranty is not needed.

Honda pioneer 500 dual battery kit

June 18, 2017 11:38 pm

Honda Pioneer 500 8 UTVIf you are looking for Honda pioneer 500 dual battery kit  you found the right place.

TrueAm dual battery system advantage

1. Do it Yourself technology with the help of guide

2.  Undergoes a 3 different quality assurance system

3.  Simple technology

4. Easy to use

5. Has huge positive amazon reviews

6. Applicable to  majority of vehicle or motor with 140A

7. Operate at -30 to 105 degrees

Get your Honda pioneer 500 dual battery kit here.








Chevy Majestic Battery Isolator

June 7, 2017 3:08 pm

Looking for chevy majestic battery isolator at whatever year model? Then you come to the right place. The TrueAm technology is suited to any GM vehicle specially on VAN and RV’s. 

Either old model like chevy majestic or  2000+  Chevrolet Majestic Hi-Top Conversion Van, TrueAm battery isolator kit is designed with various standard certification.

Since our unit has been QA and tested by the online vehicle parts review magazine, we guarantee licensed and original technology.

 Chevy Conversion Van Majestic SSX



Chrysler Pacifica dual battery kit

June 1, 2017 11:29 pm

Need help for your Chrysler Pacifica. I am sure you have installed latest vehicle gadgets and accessories to your chrysler pacifica family van.
Chrysler Dual Battery Kit
Even though this is new model vehicle, if you area using electronic accessories more than the maximum requirements, then you will run into battery trouble specially in starting up your engine. But no worries, there is chrysler pacifica dual battery kit for your luxury family van.

Your perfect experience with your town and country Chrysler Pacifica, make sure you have installed Dual Battery Kit in your vehicle for no worry travel.

Tiago Dual Battery Isolator Kit

June 1, 2017 11:17 pm
 1983 g30 tiago

1983 g30 tiago

If you are looking for 1983 g30 tiago dual battery isolator kit then you found the right place. The TrueAm isolator system model for any type of RV is perfect fit for your leisure vehicle.

Another known 1999 FLEETWOOD TIOGA SL 31FT CLASS C MOTORHOME is requiring the service of battery isolator kit to be able to sustain the electric power need of the vecicle



To enjoy all the latest electronic device in your Tiago RV, make sure you installed this isolator system

Kawasaki UTV Teryx dual battery kit

May 7, 2017 2:59 pm

Do you have Kawasaki Teryx UTV? Do you love outdoor and rely on your Teryx UTV? Then get DFNA’s UTV battery isolator. This technology is here to help you provide automatic dual battery switching system.

Get away from battery drain, have an extra battery power for your vehicle, install kawasaki UTV Teyx battery kit for UTVs

Kawasaki Teryx 800-3

Auxillary Battery Kit Isolators Automatic Charging Relay System

March 27, 2017 9:26 pm

Auxiliary batter kit isolator system12V Auxiliary Battery Kit with Automatic Charging Relays System or ACRs, play a vital part in your vehicle’s battery system. They are responsible for preventing loads from discharging or disabling the reserve battery system, which is intended for vital loads such as navigation, communications, or engine starting. Both Auxiliary Battery Kit and ACRs make sure that current is well distributed from the charging source to every battery. Aside from this, they isolate the batteries in case of discharge conditions so that they do not impact other loads.

12V Auxiliary Battery isolator have silicon diodes that serve as check valves, allowing current to pass from the source of charging to the batteries and preventing it from back-flowing at the same time. This causes a voltage drop that amounts to 0.7 volts across the silicon diodes.