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I work with invisible type fencing for dogs and have developed a "null" type locator that is extremely effective in locating wire breaks and faults in these underground systems. This simple system works well for tracking wires underground and behind walls.

Proven application in low voltage lighting, irrigation, pet containment, robotic mower systems and other non-visible wire tracking. However it does not allow for pinpoint wire identification in pairs or multi-conductor type cables.

Underground Wire Locator

The DFNA 3048 Underground wire locator is designed to track the path of your underground pet fence wires above the ground, in the brush, as well as underground. It is also capable of identifying area of breaks and faults in these single conductor wire systems. The effective range is up to 3 feet deep and up to 1500 feet in length. The actual effective distance is affected by interference, soil type, depth of wire, and the quality of the earth ground available. The alligator clip leads make it simple to connect the transmitter to the wires and available earth ground. It is important that you disconnect your perimeter wires from your pet fence transmitter and lightning protection if one is used. The instruction in the DFNA 3048 wire break locator explains and illustrates the basic principles of null type locating for tracking as well as identifying breaks and partial faults in all single conductor systems.

This underground wire break locator is made in Asia and although it functions in the same manner as the commercial units it is a consumer level product and therefore not as durable as commercial units. The actual design, testing and evaluation of the product was done by me personally. I discovered that although this is a relatively inexpensive product its actual performance in locating breaks in my particular application often exceed the performance of my commercial units. I include a very cheap set of ear buds with this wire break locator.

If you have long runs to locate on you may want to invest in pair of light duty earphones from your local Walmart.

DFNA provides a 90 day replacement/repair warranty on any defective equipment. After the initial 90 days the locator has a lifetime flat fee repair agreement for the original purchaser. Please contact us if you need more information.

Our guarantee does not extend to your ability to use this product properly and although we make every effort to assist anyone with problems some people simply do not have the patience or aptitude necessary to make use of even the simplest equipment. If you feel you fall under this category please contact a local professional for repair assistance. Unless specific arrangements were made prior to purchase our guarantee will cover product replacement only

See the DFNA 3048 in use here!

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