Polaris Ranger Dual Battery Isolator Kit

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  • The only Smart battery isolator designed for Polaris Ranger vehicle
  • Easy to install technology with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Brand: True UTV SBI-18 – 2018 model
  • Maintenance free isolator kit with free shipping
  • Perfect for the following UTVs: Polaris, Honda, Kawasaki, John Deere, Yamaha, ALL brand os UTv, ATV, motorcycle

Installing a 2nd battery in a Polaris RZR 900 Trail Edition 2016. Somewhat of an unfinished how-to. I used a Shuriken 800W 35Ah secondary battery. I wired the accessories to the 2nd battery, and kept the primary battery for the starter and winch. Then I installed a True Amalgamated Battery Isolator to keep things separate when they need to be, or dependent on each other when they need to be as well.

The main reason for all this is to keep the essential power draw for the UTV separate from my accessories. I don’t want to be caught dead in the field and unable to start – who travels with jumper cables on their UTV?
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  1. We’ve now had this new isolator (which True company sent to us immediately as promised) for several months and it has performed flawlessly. It should have 5 stars now.

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