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Looking for a 12volt battery isolator switch for your car, truck, RVs, Camper and even ATVs?  This 9th generation automatic 12v voltage-sensitive relay is a superior product that uses a uniquely designed and programmed SBI (PEP) when it comes to dealing with the stator charging mechanism.

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Here are some of its advantages over 9th generation 12 volt battery isolator switch:

  1. It is assembled in America and delivers through first-class mail with FREE DELIVERY
  2. It has advanced internal programming for maximum efficiency with automotive stators. (PEP)
  3. Its new case was introduced last year which is specifically designed for automotive applications.
  4. It has a superior cable construction with a 100% waterproof shrink tube.
  5. It offers extra flex cables for easy routing.
  6. It assures correct cable ends to custom fit isolator studs.
  7. The new smart 12v battery cutoff switch can be left suspended in-line, as long as it is mounted with provided 3M Dual Lock™, or hard mounted with any provided screws.
  8. It is compatible with all battery types like dry cell, flooded lead-acid, AGM, and any hybrid types available.
  9. Compatible with the TRUE® latest dual display battery voltage meter (single meter dual display)
  10. It comes with a 12v battery isolator wiring diagram and easy install instructions.

With its upgraded features, the TRUE Smart 12v battery isolator switch is specifically designed and programmed for automotive and marine applications, plus it is now 100% American-made.  This new voltage-sensitive relay kit does not only provides the same application but also showcases the enhanced performance and a longer lifespan of up to 3 years.

A TRUE exclusive!

An important note from the designer:

“The automatic TRUE® 12v battery cutoff switch is the 9th generation I have designed. The first-generation products which I have designed before I figured the proper programming include the QUAD BOSS/AOPEC/Keyline units.

Together with PEP (Propriety Efficiency Programming), the all-new TRUE® 12V dual battery isolator has added lots of upgrades which include the case design, circuit board design, and the type of cables that should be used in order to avoid insulation and terminal failures from possible corrosion.

 Overall, its main goal is to provide stable and easy installation. The construction of the actual 12 volt battery isolator switch case has been exclusively redesigned for automotive application which then allows a hassle-free and versatile installation. There are possible cable access slots that need to be “knocked out” because it may cause a breach in the seal protecting the circuit board, which is why the front mounted studs are there to eliminate unnecessary holes.

Now, we made sure to move all our 12v dual battery isolator production processes as possible to America. These improvements made huge impacts that are essential for the benefit of all because we only aim to provide the best and most efficient products that fit the standards and demands of a vehicle’s owner.”

Dennis M. Hogan, Ph.D.
True Amalgamated, Inc.

A TRUE® exclusive!

Delivery: USPS first class or priority mail

multi battery isolator diagram​ by True Technology
12 volts battery wiring diagram​ by True®


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2019 Ford F250 dual battery setup video


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