LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Isolation Manager True® Brand


The LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Isolation Manager keeps track of the voltage, isolates two battery systems, and connects batteries when needed.

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  • 1- True UTV-SBI-19L Lithium battery isolator with silicon insulators and 3M Dual Lock fastener
  • 1- 36mm blue led voltmeter with dual display (requires 1- 29mm mounting hole), includes 8′ x 18ga duplex wire with connectors
  • 1 ea- True® 12″ sealed 6ga Red and Black Cables with 6mm lugs
  • 1- True 18″ sealed 6ga Red Cable with 6mm lugs
  • Brand: True Amalgamated – US manufactured technology
  • Manufacturer Part Number: UTV-SBI-LCM-L
  • Vehicle Service Type: Side by Side, UTV, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobile, Street Bike, Cruiser/ Touring, ATV

Key features:

    •  Compact and easy to integrate with your vehicle while maintaining a warranty
    •  Lightweight auto parts
    •  Fully  automatic through voltage-sensitive relays
    •  More efficient than the traditional lead-acid battery
    •  Works cooler while using less power
    •  Isolates batteries to prevent discharging or overcharging
    •  Increase the battery life-cycle
    • Strong casing to withstand vibration, heat, and water splash

In normal charging situations, the BIM (Lithium Battery Isolation Manager) will connect and disconnect based on voltage reading. The UTV-SBI-19L is designed specifically to function with the new 13+ volt Lithium batteries and stator-type charging mechanisms.

The LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Isolator Manager will connect when the voltage gets lower than 13 volts and disconnect at 13.4+ volts. While This cycle will repeat until both batteries are fully charged. It also helps prevent harmful battery charge levels.

A resting voltage that is greater than 13.4 V implies a fully charged battery.

To protect the main battery from overcharging, the BIM will automatically disconnect if the alternator voltage exceeds 14.4 V. The precision circuits LiFePO4 Battery Isolation Manager will also disconnect if the voltage difference between the alternator and main battery happens to be less than 0.1.

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