Toyota Hilux Dual Battery Kit HD 140A 12V True® Brand


The True smart isolator is a universal dual battery management system designed to fit cars, fishing boats, RVs, 4×4, trucks including the 2021 Toyota Hilux brand.  This unit has a complete dual battery installation kit with an instruction booklet and wiring diagram.
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Product features

  • Heavy-duty auxiliary battery kit
  • Toyota Hilux dual battery kit designed technology
  • 12V and 140A capacity perfectly fit for your Hilux dual battery setup
  • Smart detection and charging using a voltage-sensitive relay technology.
  • The primary battery is guaranteed to charge first
  • .Waterproof cables, anti-vibration, and heat resistant casing.
  • The best dual battery kit for the Toyota Hilux model
  • True products are known for the vehicle’s warranty friendly since it does not require any alternator connection.
  • Manufacturer’s guaranteed 1 years warranty
  • True® products are manufactured in the USA with  Free Delivery via class  first USPS mail

Hilux dual battery kit  consists of

  •  SBI-19 True® Smart battery isolator
  •  Flex cable with durable copper cable lugs
  •  Black  Flex cable with durable  copper cable lugs
  •  Brass alloy battery terminal ends
  •  Crimp-on tinned copper cable lugs
  •  Adhesive lined shrink tube
  •  A booklet containing wiring installation booklet with diagram

All the TRUE® dual battery kits for Toyota® Hilux have originally designed cables that employ tested adhesive to maintain waterproof and corrosion-proof.


multi battery isolator diagram​ by True Technology
Wiring diagram


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Dual battery kit Hilux setup video

1st and 2nd gen dual battery kit for Hilux

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