Snowplow Dual Battery System

More and more of us who use light duty snowplow dual battery setups with there pickups and four wheel drive have discovered the comfort and safety of using the TRUE Dual Battery Kit to maintain there auxiliary battery charge that insures the power to operate their plows and sanders.

Snowplow vehicleWhen you install a snowplow on your pickup or SUV that is operated by an electric pump used to create hydraulic pressure to move the plow up and down you need the extra power of a second battery. A battery isolator is essential to properly connect the second battery in such a way as to prevent your starting battery from being drained by the use of the plow and other possible accessories such as sanders or deicing applicators. The dual battery kit provides all the necessary parts to correctly install the second battery so that it is receiving a charge whenever there is sufficient voltage available from the charging system.

Snowplow dual battery setup is simple in application and completely automatic to avoid problems associated with manual switches or disconnects that are commonly forgotten about and left on or off which is most certain to cause problems. If left on it could result in the discharging of you start battery and thus leaving you stranded at the worst possible time. If a manual switch is left off then your auxiliary battery will certainly run down and make it impossible to operate the plow blade.
The snowplow dual battery kit alleviates the worries by simply connecting both batteries together and monitoring the charging state of each battery and connecting and disconnecting accordingly. When you first start your vehicle the starting battery will be somewhat depleted by that energy used to start the engine.

Snowplow Dual Battery SetupThe alternator immediately goes to work recharging that battery while the TRUE battery isolator remain open leaving all the charging amperage available to replenish the starting battery. Once the starting battery has been replenished and the alternator has raised the voltage available to 13.2 volts the TRUE Dual Battery isolatorwill close the connection making the voltage available to charge the second or auxiliary battery.

When the engine is turned off and the available voltage drops to 12.8 volts the dual battery kit will disconnect. Once again separating the two battery so that using the power from the auxiliary battery to operate the plow and accessories is not able to drain the voltage from your starting battery. This means you will always have a fresh battery to start your engine regardless of how much power you use to operate accessories.

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