True UTV-SBI-15

The time has come for the UTV community to get the attention and respect it deserves in the marketplace. You are all aware the current “True” labeled products are the only ones manufacturer to meet the demand of the UTV second battery charging needs. With the development of PEP® it revolutionized the process of fully automated battery isolation. Out with the old and in with the new!!!!



We are proud to offer the latest advancement from True Amalgamated ( under the “True” label. Allow us to introduce the UTV-SBI-15 and its connection kits the UTV-SBI-15CK and UTV-SBI-15CM.

1- True Smart Batter Isolator with PEP® for stator equipped vehicles
2- High Quality Silicon stud insulators
1- ground wire crimp connector
2- 2.5 inch strips of 3M Dual Lock™
1- alcohol wipe to clean surface
2- stainless mounting screws

True UTV-SBI-15 Best UTV 2nd Battery Isolator

UTV-SBI-15-lightu-HR The new UTV-SBI-15 is the first and only smart battery isolator designed completely, from the casing up, specifically for the UTV application. Of course it employs the highly successful PEP® programming but it is encased in a revolutionary new shape that better services the UTV installation demands. It is smaller, stronger, and provides more installation options. These changes addressed concerns expressed by the UTV enthusiasts as well as TrueAm’s own desire to advance their application. UTV-SBI-15-small-HR

For Isolator with install kit click:


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A. The new case design and configuration allows for three mounting options:

  1. Traditional screws
  2. 3M Dual Lock™ (can attach directly to battery itself)
  3. Leave suspended in cable

B. The new top stud design allows:

  1. Easy cable connection from almost any angle
  2. Simple access for bypass jumper

Now the most exciting new attribute PRICE!!! With an MSRP of $89.95 and our DFNA special discounted price of: $59.95 Not only makes is the best price of any Smart Battery Isolator but blows the imitations out of the water. As always we pay the shipping to anywhere In the US!

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