UTV-SBI-15CM True UTV Dual Battery Connect & Monitor Kit

As requested by some UTV enthusiasts this kit adds the ability to monitor both your battery’s real time charge. “CM” stand for “Connect & Monitor”.

The new updated kit 12/17 now includes a single meter with dual displays instead of the old double meters. The new meter is the same diameter but will measure just over 1” in thread depth so it needs a little more room behind the surface but is also able to be mounted in a much thicker material. Like the original meters it is a 36mm waterproof/shockproof digital LED volt meter which allows you to keep real-time track of what’s happening with your charge status on each individual battery. Conveniently TrueAm has included all the necessary peripheral items for installation of the kit including those necessary to make sure the meters turn on and off with the ignition.

Meter battery isolator

The meter can mount anywhere you have a flat surface that can be drilled with a 29mm (1-1/8”+) hole. The kit includes 8 ft. of duplex wire, a relay socket, and all the cable end connectors needed for a complete install. The only connectors you will need is to connect the power and ground wires to the appropriate sources. See the additional pictures or download the instructions for more information.

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True UTV dual Battery Connect and Monitor Kit

The NEW UTV-SBI-15CM kit includes:

– 1-UTV-SBI-15 with insulators and 3M Dual Lock™
– 1-12 inch #6 black cable with 6mm (1/4?) lugs
– 1-12 inch #6 red (primary) cable w/6mm (1/4?) lugs
– 1-18 inch #6 red (secondary) cable w/6mm (1/4?) lugs
– NOW featuring a NEW 36mm Single Meter Dual Display blue LED volt meter
– on/off relay and socket
– 8ft duplex wire with connectors for meters
– Instructions

MSRP $159.95 DFNA $119.95

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