Cherokee Jeep XJ Battery Isolator Kit with wiring tips

February 6, 2017 3:01 pm

Jeep XJ dual Battery Isolator system

Jeep Cherokee is a type of vehicle best for long country to country drive. From regular jeep model vehicle, the Cherokee model has evolve to a pull blown Sports Utility Vehicle. or SUV challenging various SUV’s manufactured Toyota,Mitsubishi, Wrangler and Ford.

Despite of huge and high tech vehicle, the Jeep XJ still need dual battery isolator system to keep its battery powered while the driver is using all other electronics.

Because TrueAm understand your desired to travel and enjoy the wilderness in the country side in any whether condition, Heavy Duty dual battery system for Cherokee Jeep is created for people who enjoy Do It Yourself technology.

Trueam DBK undertand the need for a simple and easy to follow instruction that is why we have isolator kit suited for any type of Jeep. Now visit this instruction for more installation details.

The Kit is applied any model of Cherokee Jepp.

Auto and Marine Battery Switch


jeep cherokee battery isolator kit

jeep cherokee battery isolator kit




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