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12v dual battery isolator wiring diagram – Downloadable file

12v dual battery isolator wiring diagram - Downloadable file
12v dual battery isolator wiring diagram - Downloadable file
True Dual Battery isolator wiring diagram for car and marine engine.


The Smart Dual Battery Isolator ambidextrous so it cannot be installed backward. Either stud can be connected to either battery’s positive terminal. This battery isolator switch wiring diagram is suitable only on True® brand.

1. Disconnect the negative terminal of your batteries
2. For the red cables – slip red insulators over small 6mm cable lugs
3. Attach lugs to the True Smart Battery Isolator studs finger tight
4. Route and connect SBI between the positive terminal of the batteries
5. Mount with screws, 3M Dual Lock, or leave it suspended
6. Route small black ground from SBI to common ground
7. Install black cable from 2nd battery to common ground
8. Tighten all connections (plastic do not over tighten)
9. Reconnect the negative terminals
10. Start the engine to verify function with SBI illumination.

Note: It is normal for LED to remain lit when the engine is first turned off. To test unit turn headlights on briefly and LED should go out. This is both for car and marine battery isolator wiring diagram.




(battery isolator wiring diagram manufacturers version)

Note: These directions apply to the round and the rectangular, dual display single voltmeters.

Silver blades (2) terminal are positive (+)
Gold blade (1) terminal is negative (-)

True Dual Battery isolator wiring diagram

Orange socket

Red wire – connect to switched ignition (+) power source. Something that turns on and off with the vehicle key
Green wire – One connects to the gold (-) blade on the back of the meter. The other is a spare.
Black wire – common ground (Connect last)

Dark Blue 8ft Duplex Wire

Light Blue – One end to either side of the isolator and the other end,
Light Green – one to each silver blade on the meter (Top blade is top meter).

Download 12V VSR dual battery wiring diagram for Downloadable wiring diagram for marine or boat and motor vehicles



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