True® Lithium Dual Battery Isolator with Connecting Kit UTV-SBI-LCK

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A quick and simple connection kit featuring the latest generation and physically redesigned UTV Isolator (UTV-SBI-19L).  A fully automatic Lithium dual battery kit featuring PEP®.

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The UTV-SBI-LCK includes:

  • 1- True UTV-SBI-19L Lithium dual battery kit with silicon insulators and 3M Dual Lock fastener
  • 1 ea – True 12″ sealed Red & Black 6ga Cable with two 6mm lugs
  • 1- True 18″ sealed Red 6ga Cable with two 6mm lugs
  • Brand: True Amalgamated
  • Manufacturer Part Number: UTV-SBI-LCK
  • Special Features: LITHIUM
  • Vehicle Service Type:  SIDE BY SIDE WITH LITHIUM BATTERIES, Personal Watercraft with Lithium battery, Cruiser/ Touring Lithium Battery, Street Bike with Lithium battery, Snowmobile with Lithium battery, All of the above with Lithium battery

Lithium batteries are a different type of battery with advanced attributes that require unique management programming to maintain those attributes.  The (lifepo4) lithium batteries available for this industry are NOT 12-volt batteries but rather 13+ volt batteries and need an isolator programmed to deal with this and other attributes that may not be so obvious.

We’ve taken the time, and done the research and testing and are pleased to announce the just released UTV specific LITHIUM Battery Isolator with Connecting kit that features the True UTV-SBI-19L smart battery isolator for Lithium Batteries built from the ground up for stator charging mechanisms. This Lithium dual battery kit provides you with the absolute best charge management of your accessory battery while protecting your primary battery for starting.

True lithium dual battery kits feature the industry’s only fully adhesive sealed 100% waterproof cables. These kits allow for mounting with the included 3M Dual Lock fastener or leave suspended in cables.

Unmatched quality and performance from True Amalgamated.

Inquire us about lifepo4 battery isolation manager and we will be responding within 8 hours

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1 review for True® Lithium Dual Battery Isolator with Connecting Kit UTV-SBI-LCK

  1. Hershell Allan Foster

    Overall, the Install went well. Unfortunately the Negative battery is about a 1 1/2” too short. And I had to improvise with a homemade cable. I contacted the seller and they are sending the correct cable. Very prompt reply

    Reviewed in the United States

    Hershell Allan Foster

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