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5 Advantages of True® Car Second Battery Kit

There are several benefits that the True® Car second battery kit provides for automotive electrical systems.

  • Improved Power Availability: Offers higher power capacity so you may use more gadgets and accessories without depleting the primary battery.
  • Second Battery Isolation: This ensures that the main battery is still accessible for starting the car by keeping the secondary and primary batteries apart while not in use. It also stops one battery from draining the other.
  • Extended Battery Life: By spreading the load using True® car audio second battery kit, this approach lessens the strain on a single battery and may assist increase the longevity of both batteries.
  • Dependable Charging: Assures that the car’s charging system fully charges both batteries, enhancing its efficiency and preparedness.
  • Easy Installation: Most products are made to be easily integrated into pre-existing car systems, and they come with all the parts and instructions needed to make DIY installation simple and straightforward. The True® second battery kit for car audio guarantee easy installation with the help of car audio second battery diagram.

Wiring diagram for second battery in car


The longevity and efficacy of batteries can be decreased by imbalanced charging caused by improper isolation of second battery, which can cause one battery to be overcharged or undercharged. A safer car audio second battery setup is ensured by properly separating  batteries, which also minimizes electrical problems like overloading, short circuits, and possible fires.

Improper second battery isolation can lead to more problems than solutions

Inadequate isolation of the second battery can lead to a number of problems, including excessive danger of electrical short circuits and fires, uneven charging, diminished battery longevity, and unstable electrical systems. Improper isolation between two batteries can cause them to discharge into one another, which leaves the battery too weak to start the car or power accessories. Due to this, both batteries may be harmed if one overcharges and the other undercharges. Voltage fluctuations that follow may cause the electrical system to become unstable and lead to component faults. Furthermore, there is a greater chance of electrical shorts and overheating, which might result in fire dangers. For this reason, effective second battery isolation is essential for dependability and safety. This is what the Smart Battery Isolator do.

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