Yamaha Dual Battery Kit True® Brand

Universal True® SXS dual battery kit fit for any Yamaha models specially YXZ 1000R, Wolverine X2R, Wolverine RMAX4 1000, Wolverine RMAX4 1000 XTR, Rhino 4×4, and Viking EPS Series. True® guarantees full functional primary and auxiliary batteries anywhere and at any time.
True dual battery kit

  • Yamaha dual battery kit designed technology
  • Automatic charging and isolation system via voltage-sensitive relay
  • Compact, easy to install, DIY technology with good support service.
  • Heavy-duty casing stands against heat, corrosion, vibration, and water splashes.
  • All  True® products are warranty friendly by providing a complete kit with no direct connection from Alternator. Yes, the Yamaha® SXS warranty is preserved.
  • The only Side by side 12V dual battery isolator with connect (SBI-CK) and monitoring (SBI CM) capabilities.
  • Average 3 yrs lifespan with full warranty
  • Downloadable Instructions
  • FREE Delivery: USPS first class guarantee



  • 1 True® Smart Battery Isolator with insulation guide and 3M Locking system
  • 3 Different setup of waterproof connecting cables
  • Twin display LED volt gauge
  • Switch relay on tight socket
  • Long duplex wire

Honda Pioneer Setup


Yamaha SXS series has an exemplary record of safe driving from experienced riders. Yamaha YXZ, Wolverine, Viking, etc have high passing QA standards set by the organization of engineers and manufacturers of ATVs, UTVs. True UTV battery isolator kit complements the Yamahas vision of comfort and a confident driving experience.


Click to download instructions

Download instruction for dual battery isolator setup


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Yamaha YXZ dual battery isolator kit

Yamaha Wolverine dual battery kit

Yamaha viking dual battery kit

YXZ dual battery kit

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