Honda Pioneer Dual Battery Kit True®Isolator w Connect & Monitor

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Perfectly fit for Honda Pioneer technology! TrueAm introduces a new UTV dual battery kit for Honda 1000, 700, 500 series based on consumer demand on power and performance. Complete with connecting and monitoring kit for UTV owner who enjoys DIY technology.

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UTV Honda battery isolator kit inclusion:

  • 1-UTV-SBI-18 (2019 model) complete with insulators and 3M Dual Lock™
  • #6 (1-12″) Black cable with lugs
  • #6 (1-12″) red cable with lugs
  • #6 (1-18″) support cable (red) with lugs

Additional features

Honda Pioneer 1000
ADVANTAGES of Honda Pioneer 1000 dual battery kit

  • One year free replacement
  • Compact, durable and smarter
  • Easy 2 cables and a ground wire connection

More product specifications

  • Created for two or more batteries
  • Enjoy adding more Honda Pioneer electronic accessories while protecting your primary battery.
  • Sensor technology automatically will set to charging mode.
  • Design fit to A boat, automotive, and ATV’s and UTV’s.
  • 100% waterproof and can stand engine heat (105 deg.)
  • Complete with installation cable kit, and a manual, including support via phone or email.
  • Includes all wiring for simple installation, Custom cable lengths are available.
  • TrueAm, Inc. guaranteed to maintain the warranty of any Honda Pioneer model.

The True Honda Pioneer dual battery kit has been developed for performance focusing on every aspect of installation and operation on today’s stator-based electrical systems. It is manufactured with TrueAm’s PEP® programming which ensures you maximum efficiency and battery attribute protection.

The new updated True dual battery kit for Honda Pioneer 1000 now includes a unique lone meter with dual displays instead of the old double meters. The new meter has the same diameter but will measure just over 1” in thread depth so it needs a little more room behind the surface but is also able to be mounted in a much thicker material. Like the original meters, it is a 36mm waterproof/shockproof digital LED voltmeter that allows you to keep real-time track of what’s happening with your charge status on each individual battery. Conveniently, TrueAm has included all the necessary kit for installation of the Honda Pioneer 1000 dual battery setup including those necessary parts.

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Download instruction for dual battery isolator setup


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3 reviews for Honda Pioneer Dual Battery Kit True®Isolator w Connect & Monitor

  1. R. Kofoed

    I used this for my 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 deluxe

  2. vince

    soaked it and covered in mud

  3. Gandjpike

    Install the Honda battery isolator on my 2016 Pioneer 1000-5. No hassle setup. Great accessories. Give me more confidence.

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