True® Honda Talon Dual Battery Kit TALON-SBI-CM

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The automatic charging management technology – Honda Talon dual battery kit by True®  Inc. has been engineered to meet your power requirements. Complete with waterproof connecting cables, anti-vibration, and heat-resistant casing, easy to set up with printed manual & phone support.



12v Honda Talon 2nd Battery Kit Specifications:

  • 1-UTV-SBI-18 with insulators and 3M Dual Lock™ (Latest model)
  • 1-12 inch #6 red (primary) cable with 6mm (1/4″) lugs
  • NOW featuring a NEW 36mm Single Meter Dual Display blue LED voltage gauge
  • On/off relay and socket
  • 8ft duplex wire with connectors for meters

A TRUE® exclusive!

The 2021 model True® 12 volt Honda Talon dual battery kit now includes a voltage gauge with a dual-display. The new voltage meter is the same diameter but will measure just over 1” in thread depth so it needs a little more room behind the surface but is also able to be mounted in a much thicker material. Like the original meters, it is a 36mm waterproof, shockproof digital LED voltmeter that allows you to keep real-time track of what’s happening with your charge status on each individual battery.

The simplicity of installing the intelligent Honda Talon dual battery kit plus the possibility of “piggy-backing” off the carrier’s main battery without ignition “tapping” guarantees that the original wiring will not be tampered with.

Honda Talon UTVTrue®  Product Advantages
  • Straight-forward installation
  • True® guaranteed  no complicated ignition wiring
  • Highly automatic connection
  • Automatic isolation with full (wholesale website) Trueam warranty.
  • Port plug-in for remote monitor
  • Protected from short-circuiting
  • Protected from the removal of battery and damaged battery
  • Low loss solenoid
  • Protected from alternator over-loading
  • Easily installed for Honda Talon  Sport Side by Side (SxS) utility task vehicle (UTV).
  • Free Shipping
  • See shipping and return policies below


(These videos and photos are not endorsed or represented as an “Official Installation video” by True Amalgamated and True Amalgamated accepts no responsibility for its content. It is produced by the end-user as stated. Follow entirely at your own risk.)

Honda Talon second battery kit installation photos

Honda Talon 2nd battery Kit
Honda Talon 2nd battery Kit
honda talon extra battery kit
honda talon 2nd battery kit
honda talon extra battery kit
Honda Talon extra battery kit
Honda Talon Second Battery Kit
Honda Talon Second Battery Kit



Video installation for Honda Talon second battery kit by dual sport guy channel or watch Pioneer 1000 installation here.


SXS Utv extra battery kit installation video

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8 reviews for True® Honda Talon Dual Battery Kit TALON-SBI-CM

  1. Andy G

    Well after several days I finally have everything installed. HMF Front HD and Rear bumper with the hitch. The Warn Axon 4500s winch. The second batter, stinger isolator, blue seas fuse panel, and true battery isolator.
    Honda Talon with dual battery system

    Andy G

  2. Johnson Tailer

    Husband is pleased with this item; for the side by side. So far so good, he says he saved money going this routeam versus spending well over $300 for 2 other parts

  3. thunderd1984eb

    2019 Honda Talon

    Installation is no brainer. I love the dual display monitor, it tells me that everything is fine and a confident booster. Quality and price are reasonable

  4. William Burke

    This gadget is fantastic and has already saved my life on several occasions! This keeps my ‘big ticket’ electrical devices isolated from the rest of my car’s electrical system. So even if those items (could) kill the secondary battery, I can still start my car and the isolator will charge the secondary battery. Thanks for saving my budget when I forgot to turn off the inverter at night!

  5. Kevin Dewey

    This Talon dual battery isolator kit is tiny and simple, and works to keep both batteries charged without depleting the starting battery.

  6. Kenneth Fryman

    Need clearer directions for wiring the box relay.

    Pictures don’t provide enough details.. With box relay and wording is confusing to the lay person…

    Works well in the end.

  7. Kelly D.

    Very simple and easy to install Honda Talon dual battery kit. Excellent value and performs as advertised. I had to separate my primary and amplifier battery. Turn out to be a great investment!! The clicking sound is something to get used to; I’d be concerned if I didn’t hear it click.

  8. Vincent Schimd

    Excellent automatic battery isolator. Very simple to install in my Honda Talon, and minimal maintenance is necessary when done correctly. Customer service is excellent, and responses are always timely. Highly recommended for anybody putting up multiple batteries or any other job that requires isolating a high-amperage circuit to prevent battery drain.

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