True® UTV-SBI-19L Smart Lithium Battery Isolator

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100% automatic Lithium Battery Isolator product by True® featuring PEP®.


  • DC Power: 12V
  • Continuous Current Rate: 140A
  • Intermittent Current Rate: 170A
  • Back-up Current at 12.5V: <=13.0mA
  • Ignition Protection: UL1107/UL1500
  • Operation Temperature Range: -30 to 105°C
  • Maintenance Free
  • Free shipping
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 UTV-SBI-19L  includes:

  • The ONLY 100% UTV designed Battery Isolator available w/PEP Lithium
  • For LITHIUM Batteries
  • At least one of your batteries should be Lithium
  • Stronger Lithium Battery Isolator
  • Industry’s simplest installation
  • Brand: True® Amalgamated
    Manufacturer Part Number: UTV-SBI-19L
    Special Features: For Lithium Batteries
    Vehicle Service Type: Polaris, Honda, Kawasaki, John Deere, Yamaha, ALL brand of UTV, ATV, motorcycle, PWC

The UTV-SBI-19L was developed primarily to work with the latest lithium batteries that have a voltage of 13+ volts and stator-style charging devices. You must have at least one lithium battery needed allow the use of the product’s special PEP.

Lithium batteries are a distinct kind of battery with sophisticated characteristics that need special management programming to preserve. The lithium batteries that are accessible for this business are 13+ volt batteries, not 12-volt batteries; thus, the True isolator is configured to handle this and other characteristics that might not be as evident is required. We are happy to present the recently released lithium battery isolator designed specifically for UTVs after taking the time to do the necessary studies and testing.

The only completely adhesive-sealed, 100% waterproof cables in the market are included with every True® lithium battery isolator. There are two mounting options for this isolator. Use a 3M Dual Lock fastener or hang it from cables. Outstanding performance and quality from True Amalgamated.

As of right now, no alternative battery isolators made specifically for lithium batteries are available on the market.

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4 reviews for True® UTV-SBI-19L Smart Lithium Battery Isolator

  1. Chuck

    Worked very well easy to install

    I liked the ease of installing True Lithium dual battery kit
    Verified Purchase
    Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸

  2. Danman

    Needed for Lithium battery in Honda Pioneer 1000

    I was using the previous model with my dual battery setup in my Honda. I decided to go with Lithium dual battery kit which required this update. Previous model still work well after 6 years.

  3. Justin E.

    Fantastic product, and this business takes phone calls.

  4. Cathy

    Simple to set up. Functions as it ought to, or as I would have anticipated. With the help of my dual voltage meter, I can keep an eye on both of my UTV’s batteries and make sure the isolator is operating. is still operating well after being placed for more than a month.

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