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Dear Dennis, 

I wanted to send you a note to say happy holidays and thanks for selling me on the idea of using your new battery isolators. My little shop is now installing about 10 of these a month on both new and older model boats. I can honestly tell you I disliked using the old isolators because of the required alternator connection. I also had used the solenoid type of battery isolator but it required connecting to the ignition system which usually proves to be a time consuming task.

We have even had success with your battery isolator on outboards that have small amp output and normally would be unable to charge two batteries at once but with yours we have had no problems. With this new dual battery isolator it takes only a few minutes to connect between the two batteries and we’re finished. Generally less than an hour from start to finish.

TrueAm Battery Kit
I’m making more profit in less time and charging the customer less! I did advertising for this service and we already have 31 appointments for installation between Dec. and March. Thanks again and please keep me abreast of the new products available.

Jacob A.
Temple, TX



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