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Customer Testimonials

Dr. Hogan,

I received the BSR’s and dual battery kit last weekend. I must admit I was skeptical of the ease of installation and the price was a little higher than the battery isolators at Wallmart but after talking with you I decided to give this a try. I have installed diode type isolators before and was not happy with their function of not insuring the crank battery is fully charged before passing charge onto the additional deep cycle battery as well as the need to reroute the alternator wire which on my new outboard would have taken a certified technician and probably voided the warranty.

Long story short I used the boat dual battery kit to add a second battery to my boat for my high watt stereo and other accessories. The length of cable included was fantastic. It allowed me to locate the 2nd deep cycle battery near the front of the boat and still have several feet left over. It took about an hour to install only because of having to fish the cable through the extremely small area in the hull side. I also ran a common ground wire along with it. We were on the lake for three days running everything on the boat skiing, wakeboarding and tubing. With 9 kids this amounts to many many hours. Usually, we have to run the motor to keep the battery charged if we stop and sit to eat or relax or we get stranded and have to use a jump to get started. With the 2nd battery and the wonderful BSR boat battery isolator we never had to worry.


Thanks so much!!!
Jason W.,
Fort Worth, TX

Just wanted to say Thanks.

dual marine battery setupThe BSR marine battery isolator was exactly what I needed to isolate my trolling battery and the installation was very quick. My deep cycle battery stayed charged enough to run my Minn Kota all weekend without having to hook up the shore charger. This will be very appreciated as I will no longer have to carry extra batteries for these longer trips away from shore power.

Walter H.,



Great battery isolator! Installed in 10 minutes and used all week. I didn’t get stranded once and I didn’t have to remember to turn a stupid switch. My life becomes easier!!!

Puyallup, WA

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