True® Amalgamated 4-Gauge 5 pc club Car DS 1995 & Up Battery cable Set U.S.A

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The worlds best Golf cart battery cables. 4 Gauge toughflex welding cable terminated with 100% tinned copper crimp ends and sealed with clear adhesive lined heat shrink. Sealing is what makes these cables special.


  • 4 Awg HD Golf Cart Battery Cables
  • 5 pc club Car DS 1995 & Up Set U.S.A Best avail
  • 100% tinned copper crimp ends
  • Advanced feature: Sealed with clear adhesive lined heat shrink
  • Brand: True®
  • Model: 5-14-4AWG
  • Terminals fit 5-16ths/8mm studs, 14″ cable center to center of terminal hole
  • Made in the USA by
  • 1 day dispatch
  • Via: USPS first class or priority mail
  • FREE Shipping

Standard heat shrink material does not seal the cable ends from infiltration of gasses, acids, and moisture which all result in CORROSION and loss of continuity and eventual failure.

True® brand golf cart battery cables are sealed with adhesive lined tubing that provides water, acid, and gas tight seal preventing anything foreign from reaching the fine copper strands of the cable. As close as you come to a “lifetime” cable.

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5 reviews for True® Amalgamated 4-Gauge 5 pc club Car DS 1995 & Up Battery cable Set U.S.A

  1. Sam Luton

    Extremely good cables. Far superior to the ones that were put in when the dealer replaced the cart’s batteries. One of the cables snapped or failed. Worked perfectly after being replaced with the old one; I’ll certainly change the others as well.

  2. Craig RIchard

    The lugs have coatings in addition to being carefully crimped on. I have never seen lugs as sturdy and solid as these. I am incredibly amazed. I heartily endorse these.

  3. Scott Robinson

    The wires tightened down extremely close to the battery covers, which initially led me to believe they were too short. But to shift the angle away from the caps and upward, I bent the ends slightly. Now that everything is installed neatly, the battery caps can be removed for maintenance and replacement.

    This golf cart battery cable replacement is perfect fit

  4. Franck Buckeye

    Excellent fit, reliable connections to prevent deterioration, and a clear marking for easy assembly

  5. Georgie Jared

    Very well made 4 gauge golf cart battery cables. Just like it was described. With them, you can’t go wrong!

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