Boat Dual Battery Isolators Testimonials

Where were these nifty little units when I was a marine tech??? I’ve installed 100’s of diode isolators and this little BSR is light years ahead of them. Honestly speaking even the price is better than the top of the line marine battery isolators. I just put three of these in my offshore 32 foot […]

Perfect Fishing Companion – Testimonials

Just had my son install your dual battery kit and 2 additional isolators to connect all of my additional batteries to the main engine’s charging system. I now have 5 batteries all automatically connected to the charging source from the two engines. The single dual battery kit provided us with enough cable to make all […]

Walter H of TN

The BSR marine battery isolator was exactly what I needed to isolate my trolling battery and the installation was very quick. My deep cycle battery stayed charged enough to run my Minn Kota all weekend without having to hook up the shore charger. This will be very appreciated as I will no longer have to […]

Toyota 4Runner Dual Battery Isolator System

Looking for Toyota 4Runner Dual Battery Isolator Kit? You found the right place as we are known for dual battery system. The original and source of reliable dual battery management system based in Minnesota. 4Runner Dual Battery Isolator Kit includes: Suitable for 12V Toyota 4Runner Sports Utility Vehicle 140 Amp Voltage Sensitive Relay Priority charging […]

Pontoon boat dual battery isolator kit

Do you love fishing? Are you using Pontoon boat in your fishing adventure? Did you know that you can add 2nd battery to your Pontoon boat for added power and safety while at the river or sea. Yes with the help of Pontoon boat dual battery isolator kit from True Technology you can enjoy a […]

Brute Force Dual Battery Isolator Kit by TrueAm and Kawasaki

2018 BRUTE FORCE® 750 4x4i EPS is a new model from the Kawasaki range of ATV’s. The designed and power of this motorcycle will mesmerize everyone. However, even new model if you put too much accessories on it, it will experience difficulty in starting. No problem we got Brute Force dual battery kit for you. […]

Chevy Suburban Dual Battery Kit

The Chevrolet Suburban is a reliable full-wide SUV manufactured by Chevrolet. It is one of the most reliable and historical automobile production in the world, beginning in 1935 for the 1935 American year model. This vehicle has been traditionally the core brand in the car industry for many years. Both the 1990’s Chevrolet Suburban and […]

Travel Trailer Dual Battery System

A travel trailer or camper van and sometime called as camper travel trailer is being pulled behind any high power vehicle mostly SUVs to serves as area to rest, eat and sleep. This travel trailer provides the comfort of a real home since it has the amenities like your home. It is more secure than […]

RAM Promaster Battery Isolator Kit

The RAM Promaster cargo van is designed to support small business for daily deliveries. Most companies that use this are those in the food industry. Powered by the heavy cooling system, this cargo van is the perfect delivery van, however, the battery system is expected to be overuse since it needs to keep the products […]

Toyota Tundra Dual Battery Kit

The Toyota Tundra Dual Battery Kit or TrueAm dual battery isolator system is a perfect fit for any model vehicle whether for off road or city driving cars. The TrueAm SB15 CM with connect and monitor features are designed for  easy to install and monitor technology. The light indicator  provides real time charging process.   […]