Video: Alternator Charging with Battery Isolator

Installing a Battery Isolator to charge the house batteries off the engine alternator, and charge the engine batteries off the solar panels. This device took my power management to a whole new level. With the True Smart Battery Isolator, I am able to keep all of my batteries charged up, and I don’t need to […]

Videos that shows isolator, fuse block, and wiring set up

This is a videos that shows isolator, fuse block, and wiring set up. Also can turn setup on via ignition switch or toggle with no back feed to the cluster. The main battery feed is going to a toggle switch then to energize the stinger. I ending up switching the feed to the 2nd battery […]

Alternator Automatic Charging with Battery Isolators

Setting a True dual battery isolator to automatically charge the house batteries from engine alternator and charge the other batteries from the solar panel. This True Amalgated smart battery isoalators bring the battery management 5 years ahead of time. With the help of this battery isolators, the house owner feel confident more with all fully […]