Winch Jeep CJ7 Dual battery kit – Fit for CJ5 CJ6 CJ7 CJ8

Are you looking for Winch Jeep CJ7 Dual battery kit? You found the right company to buy  and learn how to install the kit  (DIY).

Before that , we are proud to present the  advantages of the WinchCj7 Jeep  Dual battery kit

  • Fit for CJ5 CJ6 CJ7 CJ8 Jeep
  • Automatically separate the auxiliary batteries to continue power the accessories
  • No need for reroute wiring since everything is automatic (charging and isolation)
  • This 12volts  battery isolator kit  guarantee an  easy installation process.
  • The True dual battery system brand always comes with complete documentation and instructions.
  • TrueAm ready to install kit helps you to maintain warranty as the components are ready to install and fit to your automobiles.
  • We have professional support service 24/7

Cj7 Jeep Dual battery isolator system

  • Two positive brass marine type battery terminals (water proof)
  • One water proof Negative brass marine type battery terminal
  • A ground cable
  • A Battery cable around 19 feet and 8 inches
  • A Voltage Sensitive Relay (140A)
  • Tinned copper lugs & heat shrink
  • A Cable Ties
  • Manual or instructions


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