True® Silverado Dual Battery Kit – Heavy Duty

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Heavy-duty 12V 140A Chevy Silverado dual battery kit with Cut-In:13.4V, and Cut-Out:12.9V.  Complete with installation kit, diagram, and installation instruction. Perfect for all Chevrolet models

  • All True® battery isolator products can stand up to 130 degrees
  • Guaranteed warranty-friendly technology which requires NO connection to the alternator or ignition.
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2021 Silverado Auxiliary Battery Kit Compositioncheby silverado

  •  True® Smart Battery Isolator fit for all Chevrolet models
  •  Black Flex cable with strong copper cable lugs
  •  Brass alloy battery terminal ends
  •  Crimp-on tinned copper cable lugs
  •  Adhesive-lined shrink tube
  •  Zip ties
  •  Installation Instructions

Product features

  • Up to 150 amps alternator outputs
  • Anti-vibration, waterproof, and heat-resistant Chevy Silverado dual battery kit
  • Voltage-sensitive relay with charging priority on starting battery
  • Guaranteed warranty-friendly technology which requires NO connection to the alternator or ignition.
  • Compact size and cable length allow the kit to fit with old and new Silverado models  (Silverado 1500 WT, LT, RST, LTZ, High Country, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2018, 2019, 2020 and the latest 2021 model.)
  • Can be purchased with a dual battery voltage meter.
  • Perfect Chevy Silverado or GMC  Sierra dual battery kit dual battery kit

All the TRUE® dual battery kits have proprietary cables that use adhesive-lined shrink tubes to maintain their anti-vibration and corrosion-proof properties.  All GMC – Chevrolet models ( Suburban, Tahoe, 2500HD, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020 Silverado) are applicable to our dual battery charging management system.

A TRUE®  exclusive!

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2019 GM dual battery setup video

Truck and car battery isolator switch installation video

2500hd dual battery kit installation video

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16 reviews for True® Silverado Dual Battery Kit – Heavy Duty

  1. Charles Tanner

    The most difficult part of the whole procedure was locating a hold down of the suitable size for the second battery!

  2. Allen A.

    It works perfectly and is well-made. I keep two 6v batteries charged in the utility bed of my truck.

  3. Timothy-amazon

    Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2020
    Verified Purchase
    This True dual battery kit worked great. My expectation is met right after installation.
    I need this for a Silverado led lights that badly needed an auxiliary battery.

    4 people found this helpful

  4. Carlton Viens

    Easy to install, instructions give the wrong size for the pilot holes for the mounting screws, but i understand this kit is trying to fit with all different Silverado models. Only installed it today so let’s see if it’s works and lasts as long as I need it to.

  5. Luke Lewis

    Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2020
    Verified Purchase

    Amazed the way how it works. the first day it rescued me from being late to work. I regulary forgot to turn off my inverter the night I hooked it up. the next morning I was walking to my truck and heard a low beeeeping sound and knew I had forgot to turn it off. I WAS READY TO CALL THE OFFICE BUT DECIDED TO TRY AND CRANK IT UP. I was so surprised and HAPPY.

  6. ct-milley

    Easy install for novice electronics tinkerer

    My only dislike is that the numbers on the dual volt meter are upside down compared to the label like the painted on labels were done incorrectly.

  7. Patrick LeFarth

    With the exception of the wire loom, this package provided everything I needed to install a second deep cycle AGM battery in my pickup. The smart batter isolator, which I wasn’t familiar with, seems to be functioning properly.
    Directions on the package are accurate.

  8. Eugene Concklin

    Very easy installation couldn’t have ask for easier direction

    Reviewed in the United States on August 18

  9. Judd Dare

    Worked fantastic to add second battery to my 97 chevy suburban k1500

    Wired it up on my 97 chevy suburban k1500 to add a second battery. Went well. Added appropriate length cables to mount this against the firewall. Will be adding light bars etc.

    Chevy Suburban K1500

  10. Nate-G

    The truck dual battery kit is well put together with great instructions. You do need a heavy duty crimping tool for the two eyelet lugs. Did the testing that instructions said to do and everything appears to be working as it should. We’ll see how it goes when I plow snow next time. Should take a significant load off my main starting battery and electrical system. 2012 Chevy Silverado 5.3L 1500

  11. Robert Loucks

    Comes with everything you need to do the job. Hardest part is figuring out best way to wire it.

    Reviewed in the United States on March 12,

  12. Jack Lopez

    I was seeking for a high-quality relay to isolate an auxiliary battery in my Chevy pickup. My original equipment manufacturer relay failed, but it was 30 years old. The auxiliary battery serves as one of two batteries for my truck camper, the other being in the engine compartment. I tested three different isolation relays, two of which appeared to be enough. Because it drew the least amount of current when engaged, the TrueAm battery isolator was the best.

  13. Albert Drew

    Initially, we are discussing how to wire automobiles with high-amperage batteries. It’s really simple to install if you’re already at ease with that. Each and every part was present. The instructions worked as intended. Functions flawlessly. I’ve had to use it several times because my starting battery died. It’s amazing that I put off adding for so long. It is lacking in warranty documentation.

  14. Vincent Hizon

    If you’re utilizing two separate batteries, this is the device you should have. The voltage separation between the power source and charging phases is excellent. Installing it is simple. It is well-made and quite robust. Strongly advised.

  15. James Caleb

    I would strongly advise you to conduct thorough research before installing a secondary battery setup in your truck, but other than that, this kit included almost everything I needed, which I had to buy separately. Everything else functioned flawlessly, and it was well worth the money. I would definitely buy it again.

  16. Brian Mac

    My Silverado needs a lot of power for my profession. My primary start battery has repeatedly dropped too low to turn on. This smart dual battery isolator fixes the issue. Getting a isolator kit with an additional 6′ or so of power cable would be the only thing I would change.

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