True® Single Meter Dual Display
12v Dual Battery Voltage Meter – Gauge

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The True® SMDD (Single Meter Dual Display)

Dual battery voltage meter kit provides accurate real-time monitoring of two separate battery systems.

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The True® SMDD (Single Meter Dual Display) 12v Dual Battery Voltage Meter 

Designed with UTV/ Side by Sides in mind. Although designed to work with the True® UTV-SBI-18 or 19L it will work in conjunction with any dual battery isolator or separator.

The dual battery voltage meter allows operators to monitor both batteries by providing management information to allow for safe efficient use of your auxiliary battery system.

The True®  12v dual voltage gauge is

  • waterproof,
  • shockproof
  • with ignition-activated relay,
  • socket,
  • dual battery wire,
  • wire connectors for a complete install
  • designed for universal application and
  • Free Shipping

The best 12v dual battery voltage meter is also great for  4×4, RV’s, trucks, SUVs, and automobiles with dual battery systems. It is also applicable as marine dual battery voltage gauge.


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13 reviews for True® Single Meter Dual Display
12v Dual Battery Voltage Meter – Gauge

  1. Jerry Locked

    It’s cool.
    This dual voltage monitor is installed in my dual battery 2000 Silverado.
    Everything went smoothly except that the LED lights are too bright at night.

  2. Nicke Elliot

    Added a backup battery to the boat. I required a little indicator because there wasn’t much room on the instrument panel. This is a good fit and function. Because the higher powers the lights, connect the main battery to it (turning off the key) and the aux battery to the second battery. This manner, the dual battery gauge won’t always be illuminated.

  3. Scott Ray

    Installing this dual volt gauge was simple and it functions flawlessly. Although I’m not sure how precise it is, it does match the Polaris RZR 1000’s readout. The LED flicker rate is my only complaint, and it can be a little annoying at night.

  4. Edward Farmer

    Always know what your batteries look like before you head off shore

  5. Fred Serrano

    So far so good

    I implemented it in my fishing boat to assess voltage of starter battery.
    So far, everything is going fine. When compared to a manual voltmeter, the measurement is precise. The screen is too bright and difficult to read, but it does the job.

  6. Regie Bourne

    Both wiring and reading this are simple tasks. It monitors the primary and supplemental batteries on my Honda Pioneer. I would recommend it to the group.

  7. Rhoniel Stone

    My truck Ford F250 has a dual battery setup, so I have to double-check the battery each time I turn it on. This is a great fit, but it has a strange 10-second “boot up” phase. Although it changes just every few seconds, which is not terrible, some people could find it perplexing.

    Installing was not too long. Make sure it fits snugly by drilling a hole and then filing it out. I have it on a temporary switch.

  8. John Fraiser

    Install this on my Land Rover’s dual battery setup. It remains in operation for a few months now with no problems.

  9. Steve Lakewalker

    Excellent product. This is a highly effective and useful addition to my front center console, which I added. Definitely worth it

  10. Nick Thomas

    The dual battery voltage gauge has an excellent refresh rate and is reliable. The only drawback is that in direct sunlight, it can be challenging to read the numerals.

  11. Amanda Dude

    Excellent performance on the dual battery Honda Pioneer 1000-5 system! Both this device and the Nilight switch panel come highly recommended.

  12. albert s

    Super simple to setup. I’m using it to keep an eye on my Land Cruiser’s two batteries. The only thing that bothers me is how bright it is. At night, this dual battery gauge completely illuminates my face.

  13. Kelly William

    Although I can’t attest to its accuracy, the installation was quick and easy. When it’s extremely dark outside, it gets a little bright, but then, most of them do. In order to prevent the primary battery from running out, I upgraded my Honda Pioneer 1000-5 SXS with a the smart battery isolator and an additional auxiliary battery. The AUX battery powers all of my accessories, leaving the OEM main battery to handle solely the DCT transmission’s startup and operation. I can make sure both batteries are getting charged and working properly with this dual battery volt meter.

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