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True® is the most advanced battery isolator for 4Runners (3rd, 4th, 5th, SDHQ..). The Toyota® 4Runner dual battery kit, made in Washington State, is a heavy-duty 12v & 140A automated battery management system that is compact, simple to install, heat and waterproof. Its principal function is to control the charging and draining of various batteries individually.

  • The True® Toyota® 4Runner smart battery isolator can tolerate temperatures up to 130 degrees.
  • This OEM warranty-friendly technology does not require any kind of link to the alternator or ignition.
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4Runner® Dual Battery Kit Includes:
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  • 1 (SBI) True® Smart Battery Isolator kit with mounting screws
  • 20 feet #6 high flex red cable with tinned copper cable lugs
  • 3 feet #6 high flex black cable with tinned copper cable lugs
  • 2 positive brass alloy battery terminal ends
  • 1 negative brass alloy battery terminal end
  • 3 loose crimp-on tinned copper cable lugs
  • 2 sections of adhesive lined shrink tube
  • 5 zip ties
  • 1 installation manual
  • 1 dual battery wiring kit diagram

Product features

Either you’re supplying extra devices, providing auxiliary lights, or operating heavy-duty equipment, this package has the electrical capability you need to keep your Toyota 4Runner going smoothly.

  • AMP: Alternator delivers up to 140 amps.
  • Safety: 4Runner® dual battery isolator kit is anti-vibration, sealed against water, and resistant to heat.
    VSR: Voltage-sensitive relay with charging precedence on a starting battery.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from premium materials, including heavy-duty wiring and corrosion-resistant components, this kit is built to withstand the rigors of off-road driving and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Compatibility: The compact size and cable length make the kit compatible with both old and current 4Runner models.
  • Optional: A Single Meter Dual Display (SMDD) battery voltage meter kit can be incorporated, sold separately.
    The True® 4Runner® Dual Battery Isolator Kit is great for Overland enthusiasts, metropolitan drivers, off-roading, and outdoor explorers.
  • Efficiency: It has upgraded internal programming to ensure optimal performance with automotive alternators. (PEP)
  • Anti-corrosion: It incorporates flexible welding cabling and an adhesive-lined dual-wall shrink tube for anti-corrosion and provides complete waterproofs.
  • Complete Installation Kit: Each True® Toyota® 4Runner Dual Battery Kit comes with all necessary hardware and instructions, making installation a straightforward process for both DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of Toyota 4Runner models, ensuring broad applicability and versatility across different years and configurations.

Manufacturer Warranty: Backed by a comprehensive warranty, providing you with confidence and peace of mind in the reliability and performance of your investment.

  • Made in USA: It is made in the United States and comes with free shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

The True® 4Runner dual battery kit comes with all necessary mounting hardware, allowing for easy secure installation. It works with dry cells, flooded lead-acid batteries, AGMs, and hybrids.

The True® 4Runner dual battery kit is specifically designed and engineered for automobile and marine applications, and it is entirely American-made.

A TRUE®  exclusive!

How the True® battery isolator works

1. Separation of Functions: Typically, one battery is used for starting the engine (the starter battery), and the other is used for powering auxiliary devices, such as lights, radios, refrigerators, and other electronic devices when the engine is off. The 4th Gen battery isolator ensures that the starter battery remains fully charged and unaffected by the drain from auxiliary devices.

2. Simultaneous Charging: When the engine is running, the alternator generates electricity, which the isolator then uses to charge both batteries. However, it prioritizes the starter battery to ensure it is always fully charged and ready to start the engine. Once the starter battery is fully charged, the isolator then directs charge to the service battery.

3. Prevent Battery Drain: Without a True battery isolator, using auxiliary devices could potentially drain the starter battery, leaving you unable to start the vehicle or boat. The isolator prevents this by ensuring that only the service battery is used for auxiliary power.

4. Optimal Charging: Dual battery isolators for 3rd, 4th, 5th 4runners are designed to manage different types of batteries that may have different charging needs. They ensure that each battery receives the correct charge required to maintain its health and longevity.

5. Safety and Reliability: By separating the batteries and managing their charge independently, (3rd,4th,5th,SDHQ) 4runner battery isolators improve the overall safety and reliability of the vehicle’s electrical system. This setup helps in reducing the likelihood of electrical failures and extends the life of the batteries.


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