True® Toyota Tundra Dual Battery Kit

True® is the most advanced battery isolator for Tundras! The Toyota® Tundra dual battery kit, made in the United States, is a heavy-duty 12v & 14A automated management system for batteries that is compact, straightforward to set up, resistant to water, and heat-repellent.

When the gadget is switched on, the bright LED light underneath is much more apparent due to the translucent cover. It is innovative technology enabling you to use two batteries simultaneously without allowing one to deplete the other.

  • The True® Toyota Tundra battery isolator is capable of handling temperature levels of up to 130 degrees.
  • OEM warranty-friendly technology demands no connection to the alternator or ignition.
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Tundra® Dual Battery Kit Includes:

  • 1 (SBI) True® Smart Battery Isolator kit with mounting screws
  • 20 feet #6 high flex red cable with tinned copper cable lugs
  • 3 feet #6 high flex black cable with tinned copper cable lugs
  • 2 positive brass alloy battery terminal ends
  • 1 negative brass alloy battery terminal end
  • 3 loose crimp-on tinned copper cable lugs
  • 2 sections of adhesive lined shrink tube
  • 5 zip ties
  • 1 installation manual
  • 1 dual battery wiring kit diagram

Product features

  • This 9th gen 12v heavy-duty Toyota® Tundra dual battery isolator kit is a superior item that incorporates a specially designed and configured SBI with (PEP) to function with an alternator electrical charging mechanism.
  • Alternator delivers up to 150 amps.
  • Tundra dual battery isolator kit is anti-vibration, sealed against water, and resistant to heat.
  • Voltage-sensitive relay with charging precedence on a starting battery.
  • Guaranteed OEM warranty-friendly technology demands no wiring to the alternator or ignition.
  • The compact size and cable length make the kit compatible with both old and current Tundra models.
  • A Single Meter Dual Display (SMDD) battery voltage meter kit can be incorporated, sold separately.
  • The True® Tundra Dual Battery Isolator Kit is ideal for overland enthusiasts, urban driving, and outdoor adventurers.
  • It is built in America and shipped free via USPS Priority mail.
  • It features improved internal programming for optimal performance with automotive alternators. (PEP)
  • It has a flexible welding cabling with adhesive lined dual wall shrink tube to ensure 100% waterproofing.

The new True Tundra dual battery kit may be dangled in-line or firmly fixed with the included 3M Dual Lock™ and mounting hardware. It is functional with dry cell, flooded lead-acid, AGM, and hybrid.

The True Tundra dual battery kit is particularly built and configured for automotive and marine applications, and it is 100% American-made.

A TRUE®  exclusive!

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