True® Can Am Dual Battery Kit, Maverick X3, Defender

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A dual battery kit for Can Am, such as an ATV or side-by-side (SxS), is an attachment that enables for the installation of a second battery to give extra power for different accessories while keeping the primary battery from being exhausted. These Can Am dual battery kits are especially helpful for off-road enthusiasts who employ several electrical equipment like as winches, lighting, stereo systems, GPS units, and other accessories.

True® Product Advantages

  • Installation is plain and simple.
  • True® Can Am dual battery kit provides no complex ignition wiring.
  • Highly automated battery management.
  • Automatic isolation with a complete warranty
  • Port plug-in for remote monitoring.
  • Safeguarded against short-circuiting.
  • Safeguarded against battery discharge and damage.
  • Can-Am x3 big battery kit has low-loss power
  • Safeguarded against alternator overload.
  • Easily fitted for your Defender, Commander, Outlander, BRP, Maverick X3 R, Sports & Trail
  • True® can am x3 dual battery kit offers Free Shipping as always
  • See the shipping and return policies below.




Can Am X3 Dual Battery Kit contains

  • 1-UTV-SBI-19 with insulators (Latest model)
  • 3M Dual Lock™ used for mounting
  • #6  (1-12″) Black cable with lugs
  • #6  (1-12″) red cable with lugs
  • #6  (1-18″) red support cable with lugs
  • 36mm Single Meter Dual Display voltmeter with blue LED
  • Voltage-sensitive relay and socket with automatic switch
  • Duplex wire, 8 feet long, with connectors
  • Can Am X3 Dual Battery Kit Installation Instructions

Can am defender dual battery kit


To add more power and enhance the dependability of the electrical system for accessories and prolonged use, Can-Am vehicles can install a secondary battery with the help of an aftermarket kit called the Can Am Second Battery Kit manufactured in USA by True® Technology.

Additional product specifications

  • The Can Am Defender dual battery kit is designed to hold two or more batteries.
  • While safeguarding your main battery, you can add more electrical accessories.
  • Sensor technology is adjusted to charge mode automatically.
  • Can Am X3 second battery kit is completely waterproof .
  • Withstand engine temperatures of up to 105°F.
  • Contains a Can Am installation cable kit
  • Installation handbook for Can Am X3 Big battery kit with phone and email services.
  • True®, Inc. guarantee to maintain the warranty of any Can-Am model.

The True® Can Am second battery kit was designed for performance, with attention paid to every detail of installation and operation on modern stator based electrical systems. In addition, it’s optimized with True PEP® technology for peak performance and battery quality protection.

Can Am defender dual battery kit installation photo


Instead of the conventional double meters, the new True® dual battery kit for Can Am Defender, Commander, X3 and Outlander contains a distinctive lone meter with twin displays. The new meter has the same diameter as the old model, but it will have a thread depth of over one inch, requiring a little more space under the surface but allowing it to be installed in much thicker material. Like the original meters, it is a 36mm waterproof and shockproof digital LED voltmeter that will enable you to monitor the charge status on each battery. In addition, True®  has provided a complete kit.


Click to download  2024 Can Am dual battery kit wiring diagram



(These videos are not endorsed or represented as an “Official Installation video” by True Amalgamated and True Amalgamated accepts no responsibility for its content. It is produced by the end-user as stated. Follow entirely at your own risk.)



Can Am dual battery kit testing



Dual battery kit for can am defender installation photo

Can am big battery kit
Can am big battery kit
Can Mm x3 second battery kit installation photo
Installation of Can Am defender alternator kit



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6 reviews for True® Can Am Dual Battery Kit, Maverick X3, Defender

  1. timothy c.

    It worked as expected. True dual battery kit never fail on me.
    I order it for a set of Can-Am led lights that needed a second battery connection to avoid draining problem in my Maverick X3.

  2. Rober Kenney

    This was simple to put together, and the gauges let you know when it’s operating. Keep the directions handy because it connects a little differently than you may expect. I wish they would make the gauges the same color instead of Blue and Green. For my 2017 Can-Am Defender, I used this.

  3. Mark5654

    It’s a high-quality device with all of the necessary components and good instructions. So far, everything is going nicely.

  4. Andrew Willson

    This is an easy installation even if you are not mechanics. The CanAm itself, as well as the effort necessary in wiring the batteries and fixing cable path, provide the minimum challenge.
    The battery package presented its own set of diagram. The printed instructions are included and easy to understand. It was really beneficial to be able to observe the actual installation from the video.

  5. Terry Craven

    This is the 2nd time I’ve purchased this UTV isolator; the first one gone when I sold my UTV. You NEED this dual battery isolator if you have a second battery and a lot of accessories.

    Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 9, 2022

  6. Meximixerphotog

    This is what I put on my Can-Am Outlander 1000 XMR from 2021. In order to prevent my system from using up my primary battery while keeping the rest of the system charged, I added additional batteries and used this isolator.

    This device stated it is waterproof and I put that to the test! I repeatedly immersed my bike in water while riding it, and it was fine!

    Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 25, 2022

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