About Us

DFNA/True Amalgamated, Inc (TrueAm)

About Us

The development of TrueAm allows our products to be available to consumers and end-users through all traditional types of sources as well as online stores. With an all-inclusive marketing program, we will embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that defines America and empower our partners in business to forge sustainable, fair profit, offerings of needed products to consumers.

Our mission is to build an organization that delivers high-value products and marketing support to enhance the competitive advantage of our partners. This will be achieved through comprehensive manufacturing, sourcing, warehousing, and delivery program focused on bringing quality products to the end consumer. To accomplish this we will develop strategic alliances with all sizes and types of business partners who are capable of delivering our goods to the consumer or end-users.

Our Service Capability

From our assembly, warehousing and distribution location in Washington State USA, we will provide support and supply services that will allow consumers and end-users to access our products through every available avenue of delivery from online merchants to walk-in retailers and installers to major retailers and wholesalers.

The products we produce and market are individually selected because they fill a need for consumers. Each product is uniquely designed for a specific purpose and provides a solution for a problem created by the inability of the major manufactures and distributors to realize the true needs of the consumer at all levels. The majority of the product ideas have actually come from the consumer and each one is built on a solution for a “real” world need as defined by these end-users.

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