A Better Choice for the Polaris Dual Battery Kit!

At our request TRUE has began production on a dual battery kit to compare with the Polaris Dual Battery Kit that will allow you the consumer to put a dual battery system in any number of different ORV situations. Primarily it is designed to compete or replace the Polaris Ranger Dual Battery Kit that sells […]

Verifying the function of the TRUE isolator

How to test the dual battery system? The TRUE isolator is a sophisticated programmed voltage sensitive relay. Although the programming is sophisticated and complex the operation is basically simple. It functions by sensing the voltage available in your electrical circuit and connects (closes) or disconnects (opens) according to programmed threshold and timing factors. It is […]

Guides in Using TRUE Smart Battery Isolator?

A 12V automatic  battery isolator provides you with an additional power system and allowing you to keep the primary battery fully charge for starting the engine of your vehicle. This would save power of the starting battery especially when the charging source becomes insufficient. This is a hybrid type of technology being applied, utilizing state-of-the-art device and […]

How Battery Isolator Works in Your Vehicles

An automotive electrical system produces enough electrical power for an automobile to run the ignition system, charge the battery again and supply power for electronic devices inside the vehicle. Some vehicles take advantage of this extra electrical capacity to sustain a 2nd on-board battery. Typically a vehicle with more than one battery will include a […]

Question: Why Would an ATV/UTV Need a Second Battery?

Answer:  Most ATV/UTVs utilize a stator as the source for providing power to operate the vehicles system and charge the battery. These stators are capable of producing very limited amps and the amps they do produce are very RPM dependent. Basically low RPMs mean low amps. Couple that with a small battery with low storage […]

Facts and Myths in ATV – UTV Dual Battery Management System

Fact   All of the current charging stators in today’s UTVs will produce a maximum of about 35 amps of power when the engine is running at 5000rpm. Many such as the Yamaha Rhino produce less than 30amps. Battery discharge state at an idle Understanding this simple fact it is easy to recognize the need for adding […]