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Dodge Ram Dual Battery Kit 1500 2500 With Wiring Diagram

Universal dual battery kit for Car, Trucks and Boat

A dual battery kit for Ram 1500 is useful addition especially for individuals who utilize their vehicles for off-road excursions, camping, or using high-power accessories and equipment. Here’s an outline of what a dual battery kit is, its advantages, and what to search for when selecting one for your Ram 1500 or 2500

We can lead you throughout the whole process of installation of the ram 1500 dual battery kit, including a fundamental wiring diagram. Keep it in mind that specific procedures may vary depending on the make, year and precise configuration of your Ram, so if you’re unclear, consult the user manual or get professional advice of TrueAm staff.

Components of a RAM 1500 Dual Battery Kit

  • TrueAm Battery Isolator: Automatically manages the charging of both batteries, ensuring the primary battery is prioritized.
  • Wiring: Black Flex cable with strong copper cable lugs
  • Brass Alloy Battery Terminals and Connectors: High-quality battery terminals for secure and efficient electrical connections.
  •  Crimp-on tinned copper cable lugs
  • Adhesive: 4 sections of adhesive lined shrink tube
  • 5 zip ties
  • Optional Switches and Controllers: Optional components to manually control the battery system if desired.

Here’s a quick overview of the process of installing Ram 1500 dual battery kit

Selecting the kit: Select a True dual battery kit which is compatible with any automotive model. Ensure that it has all of the necessary components, such as battery trays, smart battery isolators, cables, and connectors.

  • Ram Battery Location: Determine where you’ll put the second battery. Depending on available space and personal preferences, frequent locations include the engine compartment or the truck’s bed.
  • Mounting the Batteries: Place the battery trays securely in their intended locations. Make sure they’re at a convenient spot for upkeep.
  • Wiring: Connect the batteries with the heavy-duty wires provided in the box. Typically, a positive cable will be routed from the primary battery’s positive terminal to the isolator, then another from the isolator to the secondary battery’s positive terminal. Ground cables must also be installed securely.
  • Isolator Setup: Place the RAM 2500 battery isolator in an acceptable location. This device maintains the primary battery charge while avoiding the secondary battery from draining when the engine is shut off.
  • Optional Fuse Installation: Put appropriate fuses or circuit breakers on both positive connections near the batteries to protect the electrical system in the case of a short circuit or overload.
  • Testing: Once the wiring is completed, test the system to ensure that everything functions properly. Start the engine and confirm that both batteries are properly charged. Also, make sure that the dodge ram 1500 dual battery setup by looking at the light indicator and voltage monitor.

DODGE RAM  dual battery wiring diagram

Dodge Ram 1500 dual battery setup Tips:

  • Safety First: To avoid electrical shocks, disconnect the primary battery before beginning installation.
  • Follow the Instructions: For the best results, follow the installation manual with wiring diagram included with the Ram 2500 dual batter kit.
  • Secure Mounting: Make sure both batteries and other components are properly installed to prevent damage during vehicle operation.
  • True Professional Assistance: If you are not familiar with electrical systems, consider dialing a True technical staff for advice on the setup of the Dodge Ram Battery Isolator kit.


How to install TrueAm Battery Isolator – visit here

Good news, and don’t worry, our Dodge RAM 1500 dual  battery isolator system still works with the Dodge RAM 2500 or 3500, regardless of the year model.

2017 marks TrueAm’s sixth year of offering dual battery system technology to dealers across California, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and New York.

Advantages of Having a RAM Dual Battery Setup:

Electrical availability:

  • Auxiliary Power: With RAM dual battery setup, you can auxiliary battery exclusively for use of accessories such as mobile charger, source of sound power, winches, freezers, extra-lights, and inverters without depleting the primary battery.
  • Prolonged Consumption: RAM dual battery setup offers more power for camping vacations, off-road activities, or working in isolated areas.

Better Endurance:

  • Engine Starting: The dual battery setup for RAM ensures that the main battery is always supplied to start the engine, lowering the likelihood of becoming stranded with a battery that fails.
  • Emergency Electricity: If the primary battery fails, the second battery can be used to provide backup power.

Increased battery lifespan:

  • Load Distribution: Spreads the electrical load across two batteries, lowering pressure on both and perhaps increasing their lifespan. Yes having a dual battery setup with isolator is actually a budget saver.

Multiple uses:

Multiple Applications: Excellent for truck, RVs, watercraft, and other purposes requiring dependable power.

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