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Top Alabama Off-Road & UTV Trails – Parks for this Season

Alabama offers a variety of great locations for riding side-by-sides, also known as UTVs. Trail riding in Alabama during the summer can be a very enjoyable experience, provided you’re prepared for the heat and humidity. But if you have problem with high humidity, the alternative month is September and October as the temperatures begin to cool down from the summer highs, ranging from the mid-60s to mid-80s °F. The humidity starts to drop, making outdoor activities more comfortable.

Here are some popular destinations where you can enjoy riding your side-by-side in Alabama:

1. Bankhead National Forest: Located in northwestern Alabama, this forest offers multiple trails for off-road vehicles. The Flint Creek Multiple-Use Trail and the Brushy Lake OHV Trail are popular among UTV riders. Known for its scenic beauty, diverse terrain, and well-maintained trails, it is a popular destination for off-road enthusiasts.

This UTV trail features a mix of terrain, including forest roads, trails, and challenging sections suitable for UTVs. It is approximately 16 miles offroad riding with the level betweeen easy to moderate difficult. Ensure you have the appropriate permits for riding UTVs on the trails. Check with the U.S. Forest Service or the local ranger district for details.

There are several campgrounds within Bankhead National Forest where you can set up a base camp, including Brushy Lake Campground and Clear Creek Recreation Area. In addition to UTV riding, the forest offers numerous hiking trails and fishing spots, providing opportunities for a well-rounded outdoor experience.

2. Talladega National Forest: Spread across several counties in eastern Alabama, this forest features a variety of trails suitable for UTVs. The Kentuck ORV Trail is particularly notable for off-road enthusiasts. You will enjoy challenging trails, beautiful forest scenery, and designated camping areas.

While not directly within Talladega National Forest, Top Trails OHV Park is located nearby in Talladega and offers extensive off-road trails. It has over 2,800 acres with miles of trails from easy to challenging.

Protect the environment by staying on designated trails and avoiding sensitive areas. Visitors of this park will enjoy camping, hiking & fishing. It’s also wise to have emergency supplies, such as a flashlight and extra fuel. Again a

3. Stony Lonesome OHV Park: It is located in Cullman County, this park is dedicated to off-highway vehicle recreation. It offers over 1,456 acres of terrain, including trails for UTVs. The highlights in your off-road HIGH  difficulty levels, mud bogs, and rock crawling areas.

The difficulty level is ranging from average to expert levels which give the riders an all around trail riding experience. Expect to encounter a mix of terrains, including mud bogs, rocky areas, steep inclines, and forested trails.

Riders can enjoy on-site camping that includes primitive campsites and RV hookups with fully equipped facilities like picnic area, shower rooms and restrooms. There are available UTV for rentals available in this park. Stony Lonesome OHV Park often hosts events such as races, mud bogs, and periodic off-road competitions.

There is an park entrance fee and permit requirements before you visit this trail. Each visitors need to sign a waivers as a precaution to your physical condition. While helmet are required, the rider are encourages to bring their own basic repair tools and emergency supplies.

While some trails offer instagramable views of the surrounding landscape, making for a picturesque ride, you need to keep an eye out for local wildlife like bears, boars and snakes.

4. Minooka Park is situated in Chilton County, this park provides trails specifically designed for UTVs, ATVs, and dirt bikes.It is family-friendly environment, scenic trails, and picnic areas. With its beautiful scenery, well-maintained facilities, and additional activities such as fishing and hiking, the park provides a comprehensive outdoor experience.

The best activity at Minooka Park aside for trail riding is boating and fishing. It features a lake where visitors can enjoy fishing and non-motorized boating. It’s a great way to relax after a day of riding. Be sure to bring travel kit, health kit and use a UTV with dual battery setup and power managed by smart battery isolator.


5. Hollytree Off-Road Park: is found in northern Alabama, near Scottsboro, this park offers various trails for different skill levels. This park is best for natural terrain, camping facilities, and special events for off-road enthusiasts. The Hollytree Off-Road Park offers several miles of trails. Riders can choose from shorter loops or longer rides, depending on their preference and skill level. This UTV and ATV trails is for easy to average level of skills,

Alabama’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s a good idea to check the forecast before your trip. Pack enough food and water for the day, especially if you plan to be out on the trails for extended periods. The first aid kit and a UTV with dual batteries and isolator kit are consider as necessity before trail riding.


Here are some worth to mention.

  • Southern Ridge ATV Park: Located in Dozier, this park features a mix of mud, trails, and open areas suitable for UTVs
  • Choccolocco Mountain ORV Park:  Near Jacksonville, this park offers trails with varying difficulty levels suitable for UTVs and other off-road vehicles. it is known for Rugged terrain, scenic views, and rock crawling areas.

To protect the natural environment and wildlife, stay on marked trails and follow all forest regulations.
Once decided you need to bring plenty of water, snacks, a first aid kit, and basic repair tools. Cell phone coverage can be limited, so consider bringing a GPS or map. You need to make sure that your UTV is running with dual battery system and power management handle by True® dual battery kit specially if you plan an overnight camping and trailing.


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