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9 Best UTV and ATV Trails in Arizona

If you’re thinking about taking a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) trail excursion in Arizona, here are some recommendations to keep you safe and having fun. Make sure to read up on local regulations, permits, and any special requirements for the UTV trails you intend to explore. Regulations differ by place, therefore it’s critical to follow them.

Before hitting the trail, make sure your UTV is in good condition, including the engine, UTV battery, and tires. Carry an emergency repair kit, including a health hiking kit. If your vehicle has an installed UTV dual battery system kit, you have nothing to worry about with electrical power. It is a proven technology to keep your batteries charged.

Be honest about your skill level and the capabilities of your UTV. Avoid trails that exceed your comfort and capabilities. Here are best UTV and ATV  trails in Arizona fit for beginners and experience rider.


Box Canyon located Near Florence. Box Canyon is an off-road track in Arizona near Florence. This track is famous among off-road enthusiasts, especially those who ride ATVs, UTVs, and other off-road vehicles, due to its picturesque sceneries, rocky terrain, and tiny gorges.


Cinder Hills OHV Area located near flagstaff. The Cinder Hills Off-Highway Vehicle Area features volcanic cinder cones and a mix of sandy and rocky trails suitable for off-roading. The Cinder Hills OHV Area is located east of Flagstaff, about ten miles from the city center. It is located within the Coconino National Forest. Permits may be required for off-road enthusiasts utilizing the Cinder Hills OHV Area. For information on permits, rules, and seasonal closures, contact the Coconino National Forest or the appropriate land management agency.

UTV Race at Cinder Hills


Rolls OHV Area near Northeast of Phoenix. The Tonto National Forest has the Rolls OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle) Area, which is located northeast of Phoenix, Arizona. This off-road vehicle region is well-known for providing a diverse range of routes and terrain suited for off-road enthusiasts such as motorcyclists, ATV riders, and other off-road vehicle users. It has varied difficulty levels, allowing riders to select courses that are appropriate for their ability and comfort levels. It’s a good idea to look at trail maps and signs for difficulty ratings.

Sycamore Creek at North of Phoenix. Sycamore Creek provides a mix of easy and challenging trails, and the scenery includes desert landscapes and a seasonal creek.

Castle Hot Springs Road located in Northwest of Phoenix. Castle Hot Springs Road offers a scenic route with opportunities for off-road exploration, including trails suitable for UTVs and ATVs. It’s a scenic route that offers access to the Castle Hot Springs Resort, known for its historic hot springs. The road provides picturesque views of the surrounding desert landscape and can be a pleasant drive for those looking to explore the area.


The Rolls OHV Area in east of Phoenix. This area offers diverse trails with challenging sections, providing a thrilling experience for off-road enthusiasts.

Cherry Creek Road located in  West of Globe. Cherry Creek Road features scenic desert landscapes and a mix of easy to moderately challenging trails.

Arizona Peace Trail in Western Arizona. The Arizona Peace Trail is a more extensive trail system, covering diverse terrain and offering a longer off-road adventure.  The path is well-known for its length, which exceeds 750 kilometers. It has a wide range of terrains, including desert landscapes, mountains, and other features. The path includes many entry sites, allowing riders to begin and end at different spots. Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, and Parker are popular beginning sites.

Arizona Peace Trail


Bulldog Canyon in the east of Mesa. Bulldog Canyon provides a range of trails with varying difficulty levels and scenic views of the Superstition Mountains. It’s an attractive spot for off-road enthusiasts, who enjoy activities such as trail riding, hiking, and camping. The walk includes arid scenery, rocky slopes, and spectacular views. It accommodates to a variety of skill levels, making it appropriate for both novice and seasoned off-road enthusiasts.

Bulldog Canyon UTV Rental


The aforementioned sites are the best UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) and ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) trails in Arizona. Keep in mind that trail conditions and popularity might change, so make sure you have the most up-to-date data and trail situations before planning your trip.

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