True® Kawasaki Teryx Dual Battery Connect & Monitor Kit

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UTV Dual Battery Connect and Monitor Kit

A quick and simple connection kit featuring the latest generation and physically redesigned UTV Isolator (UTV-SBI-18). A fully automatic Smart Battery Isolator product featuring PEP®.



The NEW TERYX-SBI-CM kit includes:

  • 1-UTV-SBI-18 with insulators and 3M Dual Lock™
  • 1-12 inch #6 black cable with 6mm (1/4″) lugs
  • 1-18 inch #6 red (primary) cable with 6mm (1/4″) lugs
  • 1-58 inch #6 red (secondary) cable with 6mm (1/4″) lugs
  • NOW featuring a NEW 36mm Single Meter Dual Display blue LED volt meter
  • on/off relay and socket
  • 8ft duplex wire with connectors for meters
  • Instructions
  • Safe installation procedure &  SxS warranty friendly
  • Delivery: USPS first class or priority mail
  • 1-day dispatch upon receiving the order
  • Official TrueAm Retailer

(These videos are not endorsed or represented as an “Official Installation video” by True Amalgamated and True Amalgamated accepts no responsibility for its content. It is produced by the end-user as stated. Follow entirely at your own risk.)



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2 reviews for True® Kawasaki Teryx Dual Battery Connect & Monitor Kit

  1. Justin Quiring

    Best bang for your buck out there

    Due to its compact size, this battery isolator is simple to place, performs admirably, and offers you a variety of mounting alternatives. The ones I looked at were literally four and five times as much as this one and didn’t do anything more. In order to connect the batteries, it turns blue when it goes on. It operates exactly as it should when I use a trickle charger on the primary battery; it waits until that battery is fully charged before turning on and allowing the secondary battery to charge. Fantastic product at a great price.

  2. Shaverdude

    Installing a battery isolator kit is an excellent way to stop your vehicle’s accessories, such as the stereo system, mobile and laptop chargers, LED lights, winch, air conditioning, and even refrigeration, from depleting each other’s batteries. You can extend the life of your battery and avoid being stuck forever by using a twin battery arrangement and an isolator kit.

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