True® Ford Dual Battery Kit – F150 F250 Raptor Ranger Transit Isolator

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The heavy-duty True® Ford® Dual Battery Kit is a specific type of battery isolator for trucks designed to work with the Ford F150, F250, Transit, Ranger, and Raptor truck series. It is an advanced device that allows you to use two batteries simultaneously without the risk of draining them.

  • True® Heavy-duty F150 F250 Ford dual battery kit
  • Completely automated battery management
  • Primary battery priority charging
  • Alternator outputs of 12V and up to 150 amps
  • Delivery: USPS first class or priority mail
  • Free Shipping
  • Visit our return and warranty policies for details!
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F150 F250, Ranger Raptor Ford Dual Battery Kit Compositioncheby silverado

  •  True® Smart Battery Isolator fit for all Ford Truck models
  • 20 feet #6 high flex red cable with tinned copper cable lugs
  •  3 feet #6 high flex black cable with tinned copper cable lugs
  •  2 positive brass alloy battery terminal ends
  •  1 negative brass alloy battery terminal end
  •  3 loose crimp-on tinned copper cable lugs
  •  2 sections of adhesive lined shrink tube
  •  5 zip ties
  •  1 – Ford® dual battery kit installation booklet
  •  Ford®  dual battery setup diagram included

Product features

  • No voltage drop is guaranteed
  • Printed wiring diagram print for simple DIY installation.
  • Waterproof Ford® F150 dual battery kit
  • Shockproof  isolator housing and heat-resistant wires up to 130 degrees
  • Vehicle warranty-friendly. There is no alternator connection.
  • True®  Ford Raptor dual battery kit is maintenance free
  • Fit for all models including 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, & 2019
  • The Ford® Ranger dual battery kit is maintenance free technology

A TRUE®  exclusive!

All the Ford® F150 dual battery kits have proprietary cables that use adhesive-lined shrink tubes to maintain their anti-vibration and corrosion-proof properties. All Ford models are offered in 7 trim levels: XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Raptor, Platinum, and Limited, which are all compatible with the True® battery isolator system.

The True® Ford® F250 dual battery kit is a system designed to provide a dependable and effective method of managing the Ford batteries that power the vehicle’s accessories, including appliances, while preserving the primary battery’s starting capability.

The Ford Transit dual battery system is made up of two batteries connected in parallel and a smart battery isolator that automatically detects voltage and isolates the two batteries when the engine is shut off, preventing the auxiliary battery from depleting the primary battery. The two batteries and the Ford® Raptor dual battery kit give the truck owner a trouble-free adventure.

The True® Ford Ranger dual battery kit is typically used in off-road vehicles where there is a high demand for power to run various accessories such as winches, lights, refrigerators, and communication devices. The Ford Raptor dual battery kit ensures that the accessories can be powered without draining the main battery, which could leave the vehicle stranded or unable to start.




Ford Transit dual battery upgrade kit
Ford Transit dual battery upgrade kit

Installation Considerations

  • Compatibility: True ensure the Ford F250 dual battery kit is compatible with any vehicle model.
  • Professional Installation: While some Ford Ranger dual battery kit come with detailed instructions for DIY installation, professional installation is often recommended to ensure proper integration with the vehicle’s electrical system.
  • Battery Choice: Selecting the right type of auxiliary battery (deep cycle, AGM, etc.) based on your specific needs.

Common Uses of Ford Dual Battery Kit

  • Off-Roading: Running winches, air compressors, and additional lighting.
  • Camping: Powering refrigerators, inverters, and other camping equipment.
  • Work Vehicles: Operating power tools, mobile workstations, and other job site equipment.



(These videos are not endorsed or represented as an “Official Installation video” by True Amalgamated and True Amalgamated accepts no responsibility for its content. It is produced by the end-user as stated. Follow entirely at your own risk.)
Ford Transit dual battery kit
Ford Transit dual battery kit

Ford transit dual battery kit

Ford Transit dual battery system installation video

Ford Transit dual battery system


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8 reviews for True® Ford Dual Battery Kit – F150 F250 Raptor Ranger Transit Isolator

  1. Carl Thos

    Had some cheap dual battery isolator, but they had issues. I threw them in the trash and got a new one from True. Though pricey, this heavy-duty smart battery isolator is well-functioning and hasn’t had any issues in the last four months.

  2. Justine Hundson

    This is a neat little arrangement that separates my Ford F150 battery from the wheelchair lift’s auxiliary battery. This keeps it from emptying the primary and auxillary battery,  which would be a negative thing as I intended to use them as a backup. The auxillary battery won’t  be used for anything until I need it.

  3. DFNA

    I’m a novice radio operator, and I use a home lithium battery to power the radios. The only way I could get my 2011 F-150 to charge both batteries without causing a problem with the battery management system.

    Furthermore, lithium cannot be paralleled with a flooded AGM or flooded lead acid battery; they must be separated. I tried a variety of approaches without success until I tried the Smart Isolator. And it works perfectly, keeping both the start battery and the lithium home battery completely charged.

  4. Samuel Myers

    My work trailers has two deep cycle batteries, and the cables that go from it to my tow car’s alternator are specifically designed for that purpose. Since leaving the trailer batteries plugged in would deplete my F150 starting battery, I wanted to be able to use the batteries without having to unplug them. This robust battery relay worked as intended. I wired it such that the relay control circuit is ignition switched.
    This way, when my tow car is shut off, the relay will immediately cut the trailer batteries off from the tow car battery. Although the True battery relay is a little pricey, it is totally worth it for my purpose.

  5. Joseph Burtona

    Once the truck trailer was plugged into the F150, I used it to isolate the battery. Because it was simple to install and I adore the voltage reading gauge, I am really pleased with this True F150 battery isolator.

  6. Ariel Lyndon

    This is what I’m doing to isolate my second battery, which is in the truck back. When the voltage falls too low, this separates my primary battery from my backup battery automatically. This ensures that you have enough power to turn on the engine. It also has the handy function of being manually turned on and off. This means that you may change the battery in your truck without interrupting your computer’s power supply by just turning this switch to manual, which will keep the additional battery charged even after you detach the primary battery. This preserves power to the dash’s radio, clock, and other settings that often require a reset following a battery disconnect.

  7. Philip Guilford

    Compared to the old Pain Less battery isolator system that was discontinued years ago, This True battery isolator was far simpler to install. There is no need for extra switches or to be concerned about changing batteries while the device is operating. Thus far, it operates well on both batteries.

  8. William Ludrtwig

    I had an issue with the auxiliary battery isolated and not working. I called TrueAm staff and answered the phone professionally. They helped me troubleshoot the issue and within 5 minutes he had another True smart battery isolator next day mailed to my residence.

    Highly recommend!!

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