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True® Auxiliary Battery Isolator Kit

The True® auxiliary battery kit is designed for people who love DIY. Characterized by easy to install technology, this battery isolator system is perfect for your automobiles, UTV’s, RVs and recently a customer used it to manages the isolation of batteries while charging from solar power.

With the auxiliary battery isolator kit, all your batteries will be charged up and nothing to worries of being drawn down by regular use.


  1. True® Auxiliary Battery Isolator KitInstallation is no brainer
  2. 12V 140Amp smart auxiliary battery kit with Cut-in 13.3V
  3. Automatic switching using dual-sensing voltage-sensitive relay
  4. This technology is guaranteed no volt drop
  5. Compact size complete with battery connecting cables
  6. Maintenance-free auxiliary battery isolator kit
  7. Heat resistant casing and waterproof cables
  8. Order and dispatch today with USPS first class or priority mail
  9. Absolutely free delivery charges

Kit Composition

Medium size kit

The recent growth in the demand for electrical accessory has brought strain to the vehicles or marine batteries. Car owners started to complain after experiencing difficulty in engine start-up. The worst story from UTV’s owner becomes stack in the wild after they use excessive lights. Auxiliary battery kit is the best solutions to the problem. True, for 5 years has been keeping your driving in hassle-free and absolute comfort by keeping your primary battery fully charge.

Smart dual battery kit setup

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