The New
Universal ATV/UTV Dual
Battery Kit

TrueAm or True Amalgamated, Inc has introduced the first and only reasonably priced ATV/UTV Dual Battery Kit specifically designed for the close proximity application found on most ATV or UTV vehicles and featuring a proven high end TRUE Smart Battery Isolator (SBI). It was really only a matter of time before someone put this together with the common sense consideration of including only the necessary amount of cable and thus slashing the price considerably. Boasting the simplest and most reliable Smart Battery Isolator available along with necessary mounting hardware that includes standard screw mounting and now extreme 3M dual Lock fastener material. With the fastener material the smart battery isolator unit can actually be mounted directly to the side or top of the battery but still be easily removed if necessary.

TrueAm Universal Battery Kit The kit is a true breakthrough for those looking to add that second battery to their ATV or UTV. With its new transparent case it is easy to see when the unit is functioning by the led lite that glows green inside when unit is active. As always with the TRUE Smart Battery Isolators no need to mess with existing wiring to your ignition or alternator/stator as all switching is done automatically within the unit itself.

  • Suitable for 12V Marine,4WD,Caravan & Solar
  • 140 Amp Voltage Sensitive Relay
  • Priority charging for starting battery
  • Alternator outputs up to 150 amps
  • Fully Automatic, Proven Technology
  • Easy to Install
The Universal ATV/UTV Dual Battery Kit includes:
  • 1- 140amp dual sensing TRUE Smart Battery Isolator
  • 1 - 12" section #4 red cable with two 5/16" lug connectors attached
  • 1 - 12" section #4 black cable with two 5/16" lug connectors attached
  • 1 - 24" section #4 red cable with one 5/16" lug connector attached (cut to length)
  • 1 -  5/16” loose crimp on cable lug
  • 1 -  3/8”  loose crimp on cable lug
  • 1 - 1 & 1/2”  inches of red shrink tube
  • 1 -  Square of 3M dual lock fastener material
  • Assorted screws and nuts and bolts for direct attachment or use with fastener material

The only thing missing are good direction! But this is so simple to install who reads directions anyway. We'll be happy to assist you with any instruction necessary and we will be producing a video showing installation soon. Here are some standard knowledge and guide lines about installation.

The ATV/UTV Universal kit's Smart Battery Isolator has three connection points.  These include two lugs and one small black wire.

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Battery Kits Installation Steps

  • 1. Disconnect ground and positive cable from primary battery
  • 2. Remove back cover from TRUE Smart Battery Isolator
  • 3. Connect one red cable to one lug on the back
  • 4. Connect the other red cable to the other lug
True Am Battery Isolator
Smart Dual Battery Kit
  • 5. Make sure the cables and black ground wire are all exiting the SBI through the available slots. If you are going to mount the SBI with the 3M dual lock material attach the back cover with the nuts and screws provided screws coming through from the back and the nuts will pull down into the holes on the front. Remove the adhesive covering on one side of 3M dual lock and press material firmly to back cover. Apply the other side in the same manner to your chosen mounting surface.  If you will be mounting the SBI with the screws then mount the back cover to your chosen location by drilling small pilot holes into the mounting surface on two opposite corners of the back cover and use the shorter sheet metal screws to attach.  Once it is attached drill pilot holes in the other two holes and mount the SBI with the longer screws going through from the front of the SBI into the pilot holes.
  • 6. Connect one red cable to the positive terminal of each battery
  • 7. Connect the Black cable between the two negative terminals of the batteries
  • 8. Connect the small black ground wire of the SBI to one of the negative terminal or a common ground.
  • 9. Reconnect the main battery
  • 10. Start your vehicle and verify all is operating correctly (remember it takes a couple minutes for the main battery to reach activation level after starting)

These ATV/UTV Dual Battery kits are fantastic and because they contain a high end large capacity TRUE Smart Battery Isolator they can actually be used in your boat, car or anywhere your two batteries will be in close proximity to one another.

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