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Yamaha WOLVERINE RMAX Lithium Dual Battery Kit Installation

Yamaha WOLVERINE Rmax 1000-4 Second Battery Installation and True® Lithium Isolator Setup

The Yamaha Wolverine Rmax4 1000 Technology

Yamaha WOLVERINE RMAX Lithium Dual Battery Kit Installation
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The Yamaha Ultramatic® system leads the market in Proven Off-Road technology. The CVT system uses a constant-tension belt system to overcome obstacles in high rev ranges without worrying about damaging the belt and a centrifugal wet clutch that is specifically designed to withstand the power from the powerful 999cc engine. This structure is backed by the industry’s only 10-year belt warranty. The low gear excels in demanding situations where more torque is required. Because of the reliable CVT technology, shifting gears is faster and more enjoyable on any terrain.

The New Yamaha Wolverine Rmax4 1000 is known for

  • Powerful 999cc Parallel Twin Engine with Advanced, Comfort-Focused iQS Suspension
  • 3 D-Modes, 1 Machine and Integrated Adventure Pro
  • Off-Road Ready and versatility for cargo
  • Terrain-Tackling Chassis with Terrain-Focused Tires
  • Easy-to-Use Shift and Parking Levers
  • Premium Front Bumper, Stealthy LED Lights and Upgraded Factory-Installed Stereo
  • Speed Management System with excellent braking system and Automotive-Inspired Cockpit

True® UTV Lithium Dual Battery KIt for Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000

The 13+ volt Lithium batteries and stator type charging methods are only compatible with the UTV-SBI-19L, which is specifically built to work with them. To take use of the special PEP offered by the device, at least one of your batteries must be lithium. This solution gives you the greatest possible charge management for your lithium auxiliary battery while safeguarding your starting battery. A NEW single voltmeter with two blue displays is included with this kit. The charge level of your batteries may be continuously monitored with this shock- and water-resistant voltmeter.

Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000 Dual Battery Setup and True® Lithium Isolator Installation Video

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