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Kawasaki Brute Force Dual Battery Isolator Kit by TrueAm

2018 BRUTE FORCE 750 4x4i

BRUTE FORCE® 750 4x4i EPS is one of the new model from the Kawasaki range of ATV’s. The designed and power of this motorcycle will mesmerize everyone. Even the new model, if you put extra accessories on it like an headlight and mobile phone charger, it might result in a failed engine startup eventually. Imagine yourself in the wilderness and away from immediate rescue?

TrueAm give you no problem att all. Kawasaki Brute Force dual battery isoaltor kit is here for you. This smart dual battery islolator kit is tested accessories for all type of Kawasaki ATVs.

Fit for:  Kawasaki Youth KFX series, Brute Force 300,  and 750 series.


UTV batery isolator


Get True UTV-SBI-CK UTV Dual Battery Kit here.

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