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Our second batteries are now automatically managed

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

UTV-SBI-15-lightu-HRWe three amigos can now cruise in comfort on our UTVs. So glad to find someone that could explain in a simple way why we were always having to jump for a start. Our second batteries are now automatically managed by the UTV-SBI-15CK kits and we are always able to start our rigs even if we have sat for hours listening to the music with the motor off sometimes to the point of the tunes running the battery so low they won’t play anymore.

Fell asleep one night with the stereo playing, we had a few beers too, woke up the next morning and thought for sure we would be dead in the water with the Rhino. Turned the key and it fired right up.

Soooo cooool and its better than painless dual battery isolator. Este in New Mexico  

Let me get this right? You bring out a new redesigned model that is an obvious upgrade and it sells for less money…. Good deal.

Todd in Michigan

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