Best Polaris RZR Dual Battery Kit TrueAm Official Retailer Prices

Click here for UTV isolator with the connecting kit

Best Polaris RZR dual battery kit perfect for these models:  RZR 1000, RZR XP 4 Turbo S,  RZR Ranger, RZR S4, RZR XP High Lifter, Ranger and Sportsman. It has 1 year free replacement warranty, lifetime flat fee replacement. Compact size to fit with small hood, guaranteed durable and automatically charge using voltage-sensitive technology.

The first and original Polaris dual battery kit for RZR.  Take the advantage of having a maintenance-free technology, waterproof and heat resistant body.

The Polaris RZR dual battery kit is a fully automatic isolator system complete with high performing connection kit.

True smart battery isolator is proven the technology for any ATV & UTV brands especially Honda, Kawasaki, RZR, John Deere, and Yamaha.


  • Suited  for two or more auxiliary batteries
  • Enjoy adding more UTV accessories as your primary battery is protected with  RZR battery isolator
  • Voltage Sensor technology automatically set to charging mode
  • Designed to  fit for  cars, boats, ATVs and UTVs
  • Guaranteed waterproof with engine heat resistant up to 105 degree
  • Comes with connecting cables, installation kit, and manual
  • Includes diagram for easy installation
  • Guaranteed not to destruct vehicle warranty


  • (DIY) Do it Yourself technology with the help of the manual or guide
  • Passed all the QA systems
  •  Designed for  small and large  size  vehicle or motor type with 140A
  • Get rzr battery isolator support anytime by dialing – 509-991-0385
  • Contact us for the best RZR dual battery kit in our generation

See your Polaris RZR dual battery isolator here.


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RZR Dual Battery Isolator Video

Polaris RZR Dual Battery Isolator Video

Setting an auxiliary battery (odyssey pc925) and TTrueAm dual battery isolator in my Polaris 2014 RZR 800 XC

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