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How to Extend the Life of Batteries

Honda Talon Extra Battery Kit

A commercial vehicle is typically powered by its batteries. Unfortunately, poorly maintained batteries can take them off the road when they are most needed. So, what can you do to extend battery life while maintaining the necessary battery management? Study Your Electrical System Knowing how your cars or equipment consume battery power is the first […]

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How To Install TRUE Smart Battery Isolator System For Your Vehicle

Having a larger stereo, extra lights and more accesories in your car means more power being needed to run it. Thus, you would need to have an auxilliary battery installed. In order to efficient manage the electric consumption of your accessories, a smart dual battery isolator kit is needed. Two batteries may be charged simultaneously […]

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Here are the 5 Most Common Inferior Ways to Use Dual Batteries

Install a second battery to run the plow all by itself.  This method does not connect the secondary battery to any charging source and requires it be connected to a land charger when the vehicle is parked to recharge the battery.  Several problems arise when this method is used. The battery can and will run […]