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Advantages of Smart Lithium Batteries

LifePO4 Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries are unlike any other batteries. They stand apart especially when it comes to high charge density (durability) and high cost per unit. They are also filled with advanced attributes that needs persistent management programming to be able to maintain those specific attributes. But take note, not all lithium batteries are rechargeable.

Two types of Lithium batteries

Here, we give you two examples of lithium batteries: Lithium Ion and the one that we’re going to talk about. A newer version of lithium battery known as Lithium Iron battery – a rechargeable type of battery but made with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 – a nontoxic material) which is also commonly known in the industry. Although, both Lithium Ion and Lithium Iron are rechargeable, LiFePO4 batteries has the slight edge.

 Advantages of Lithium iron phosphate batteries

  • Phosphate based materials and technologies are very durable and can withstand any high temperatures without even decomposing.
  • Lithium phosphate cells are also noncombustible which means they are more stable under overcharge or short circuit conditions.
  • Long life, most stable, and good density are the main characteristics of LiFePO4.

However, the available ones are not 12-volt batteries but rather 13+ volt batteries which basically needs an isolator that is programmed to deal with the attributes that are not visible yet needed to maintain.

LiFePo4 battery Relion 100Ah 12V - 1,28 kWh

The best thing is, with the help of science, research, and testing, we have come to release a True Lithium battery isolator kit that perfectly matches LiFePO4 or any Lithium batteries.

Smart Lithium Battery Isolator Kit aims to provide you the best charging management experience of your secondary battery while protecting the primary battery before starting.

Battery isolators are very important since they help ensure that the starting battery has sufficient power to start the engine if an auxiliary battery fails or drains. TrueAm Lithium Battery Isolator Kit is designed to be hassle free, quick, and easy to install.

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