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Boat Dual Battery Isolators Testimonials

Where were these nifty little units when I was a marine tech??? I’ve installed 100’s of diode isolators and this little BSR is light years ahead of them. Honestly speaking even the price is better than the top of the line marine battery isolators.

I just put three of Boat Dual Battery Isolators Testimonialsthese in my offshore 32 foot boat and it is amazing how quick and effortless the installation was. In sequence, I can assure the batteries are charged in order of importance. First my crank batteries (2) next my electronics battery, and then my two house batteries.

Total cost $240 and less than an hour of my time. To do the same thing with common boat dual battery isolators would have been $320 and at least 3 hours.

Electrical testing of the setup showed perfect operation.

Arthur G. Miami,

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