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Perfect Fishing Companion – Testimonials

Perfect Fishing Companion - TestimonialsJust had my son install your True dual battery kit and 2 additional isolators to connect all of my additional batteries to the main engine’s charging system. I now have 5 batteries all automatically connected to the charging source from the two engines. The single dual battery kit provided us with enough cable to make all connections we just had to purchase a couple more cable ends. He figured it would take the entire day but he was done by noon so of course we had to go fishing to try it out. We ran two hours offshore then ran all the electronics as well as the appliances including the TV.

My son kept monitoring the dual battery isolators & checking the charge in each battery. When we finished fishing the charge in the accessory batteries had dropped to 12.1 volts. The main batteries were at 12.8volts.

Perfect Fishing Companion - TestimonialsWe ran into shore and again checked all batteries and all five registered 12.9 volts with the engines off. While running the engines and all fishing boat isolators showing indicator lights the voltage at each battery registered 13.4volts.

Seems it was a big success and I no longer have to remember to turn the manual battery switches. Next week we will be staying offshore for two nights we’ll really have the opportunity to test them.

Jorge V.

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