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Latest Honda Pioneer Battery Isolator Installation Videos by the Customers

These customers may have their own method of installing True UTV battery isolator swith but they all succeeded in some way.

By Mil Survival

Honda pioneer 1000- 5 dual battery installation setup. Fuse box. Stinger relay. DIY

To purchase Honda Pioneer Isolator kit visit this page

Robert Sparre
True Isolator kit from store – about $120 – has everything you need. The less expensive kit does not have the dual voltmeter or relay


By Robert Sparre
Honda Pioneer 1000 – 10 Suggested Accessories
He rely on TrueAm dual battery switch as top 5 accessories for Honda Pioneer.

Honda Pioneer 1000 Dual Battery Install

By NCdragon21
Dual Battery setup in my 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5


By Generation Workz
This video shows a brief explanation on how to install the true dual battery kit. and hopefully inspires someone to do it on their own because of how simple it is.

By Piney Life
This is Episode #1 of a 4 part series about upgrades and accessories I had made before I had started my you tube channel. This episode talks about the True dual battery connect and monitoring system, fuse block, ground bar, and the second battery install.

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