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Best Solid State battery Isolator

Large dual battery isolator for Silverado
Looking for the best solid state dual battery isolator? True SBI-19 with a connect and monitoring kit is the perfect solution to your requirement. True Am technology was built with top-notch quality in mind. It is created to provide a reliable solution to your vehicle’s cold start caused by the installation of different accessories or even by aging batteries.

Using solid-state automatic voltage-sensitive switching components, the rel has an excellent heat resistance of up to 105 degrees. True solid state battery isolator enclosure is proven to be waterproof and strong enough to handle under the hood vibrations.

Advantages of True Solid State battery kit

  • Designed as multiple battery isolators
  • Enjoy adding more car electronic accessories while TrueAm Smart Isolator protects your primary battery.
  • Sensor technology will automatically set to charging mode.
  • Designed to fit the boat, automotive, RVs, and ATV’s and UTV’s.
  • Guaranteed 100% waterproof and can stand engine heat (105 deg)
  • Complete with installation cable kit and a manual including support via phone or email.
  • Includes all wiring for simple installation, custom cable lengths are available.
  • TrueAm, Inc. guaranteed to maintain the warranty of any OEM products.

Meets all the international requirements for a solid state battery isolator with easy to spot blue LED light indicator and cable installation kit.

For 10 years, this electronic isolator kit is trusted by the following

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