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Completed Lights TurnPRo, TrueAM Dual Battery and PBR Products Aux face plate

So, as usual, things tend to take longer than expected with our projects in life.

See the video here

I am working on my SxS to install myself all things i wanted on it. These are all DIY. A lot of trips to multiple sources, hardware, ebay, big box stores, and internet research. the switch rocker were the hardest to find locally. The Rivet Tool and items, i found to be personally most difficult. I blame myself on that, due to my lack of experience in any rivet projects.

Any trip to a big box store or city is usually a 3 hour round, i try to purpose list what and when i need things from the city of Bangor

This is the summer of 2019, in Mid Coast Maine, it has been a rainy summer, filled with many projects. My SxS DIY is worked on when all other items are paused.

This video is a quick blurb about where I stand with installing the faceplate for Aux rockers. And why I chose the battery Aux placement.



It is important to note:

  • Faceplate purchased Via Ebay :
  • TrueAm Aux Battery Purchased Via DFNA
  • TurnPro turn Signals Purchased Via Ebayalso, a hidden gem in any US state is your local truck stop ( Dysart’s, Flying J, etc) They have a great selection of those simple replacement items.

Rocker Switches purchased from hardware stores and NAPA
I learned about these items through a group on Facebook called “Honda Pioneer riders 700“. The machine I own and use in this video is a Honda Pioneer 700-2 (2017)

My location of filming is the MidCoast Maine Aug 2019
More videos to be slowly updated and posted
future install possible my 1996 Cobra LTD Classic Cb Radio, Aux Wilson 12Volt combo USB, and Snow Plow.

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