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Occam’s UTVs: Setup 2nd Battery using True Amalgamated Isolator Kit on my Polaris RZR 900

Setting up the 2nd battery in a Polaris RZR 900 Trail Edition 2016. It actually a guide on how to setup dual batter isolator kit in your UTVs that took time to complete. This time, I used a Shuriken 800W 35Ah secondary battery.

Since every installation kit was provided, I easily wired the accessories to the 2nd battery and kept the primary battery for the starter and winch. Then I set up a True Amalgamated Battery Isolator to keep things separate when they need to be, or dependent on each other when they need to be as well.

The primary purpose for all this is to keep the essential power draw for the UTV separate from my accessories. I don’t want to be caught dead in the field and unable to start – who travels with jumper cables on their UTV? This will give me comfort and confidence in traveling in the forest.


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